Open Letter To The CNN Hateful Racist Jim Acosta

Dear Hateful Racist Jim Acosta of CNN (AKA Fake News),

Let me begin with a relevant tangent-  I understand that UN Agenda 21 is about wealthy globalists (the 1%) such as your CNN board members creating a global one-class society of poor people controlled by the political and wealthy elite.  No, it’s not a conspiracy, it’s real, George H. Bush signed us up for UN Agenda 21.  To make this UN Agenda (aka One-World Order) happen, these wealthy globalists who now own most of the media outlets rely on Fake News (lies with a purpose or propaganda said otherwise) to program the simple masses into supporting their agenda.  In this I realize that you’re just one of the minion supporting the vision of your wealthy board members.  While you may not even understand the overall picture, to accomplish your corporate board’s mission, you must hate President Trump and lie about him.  In fact you obviously hate President Trump so much it’s safe to call you a Bigot based on the very definition of the word.

These little things aside, I wanted to address your Hateful RACISM.  I didn’t realize just how racist you were until you indicated, that in your mind, English speaking people only come from predominately white countries.  Let me share a short story with you-

My wife (a black lady), immigrated to the United States from another country when she was just 17 years old, by herself, and speaking English.  She joined the U.S. Marine Corps and served her new country for than 10 years; only stopped in her service by an injury.  She became an American citizen.  She used her GI Bill to earn a bachelor’s degree.  She then found employment in a professional field and works hard to this day.  She realizes there’s NO SUCH THING as Income Inequality, that’s just a Liberal Lie to get simple people to vote for Democrats who promise to increase the minimum wage to the new minimum wage. It will still be the minimum wage regardless.  There’s no Income Inequality, there is only Effort Inequality.  As my wife worked harder and harder she earned more and more money.  She learned that the more she earned, the more Democrats wanted to tax her for programs which supports people who don’t and even refuse work such as $1.7B going to Welfare for illegals in Los Angeles alone.  She quickly realized that when Democrats talked about “Redistributing the Wealth.” it meant her hard-earned money being stolen from her to bribe people into voting Democrat.   She recognized these Democratic programs as nothing less than racists themselves as they promise simple handouts in return for votes, these programs actually keep poor people poor and don’t incentivize achievement this was paramount to a modern-day plantation.   The people on these programs became beholden to the Government and the Democrats, just like plantation masters used fear and lies to keep their slaves (voters) in check.  This fear is applied during election season:  Vote for the Democrats because the Republicans will take away your free stuff and you will have to work.  Where did this free stuff come from?  The answer-  The Great Society Act of 1965 promised free stuff to blacks and poor people.  Democrat President LBJ signed the Great Society Act and then said “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”  But that’s how Democrats campaign; they never say vote for me because I am for this or that; Democrats will always say vote for me because the Republican will do something mean and take away your free stuff.  Giving people freedom from Government control is not bean. But in other words, the Democrat campaign will always focus on exploiting peoples’ vulnerabilities with fear.  While Democrats will use your children to scare you for a vote such as more gun control if it will save just one child.  In their next breath they will scare you for a vote insisting Republicans will stop abortion.  Do people who vote Democrat see the hypocrisy in these competing platform agendas of saving children and killing children?   Democrats exploit the fear that Republicans will stop abortion.  Why do Democrats support abortion so strongly?  The quick answer is RACISM.  While the Democrats will twist abortion into yet something else with President Bill Clinton claiming Republicans have a War on Women for opposing abortion; Democrats just up and forget that Bill Clinton sodomized a young woman with a cigar.  Talk about a War on Women and that’s your Democrat Champion for abortion?  The real reason for Planned Parenthood is RACISM.  Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, had many things to say about blacks such as: “Blacks are human weeds.”  In the course of setting up Planned Parenthood, Margaret ensured 80% of all abortion clinics were located in black neighborhoods; to help get rid of the human weeds.  It’s not a War on Women, it’s a War on Blacks and other minorities.  This has been happening with Democrats for a long time; the Department of Interior has sterilized at least 25% of Native Americans through the Department of Interior’s operations in the Bureau of Indian Affairs (Government Run Healthcare for Native Americans) and you Democrats want a Government Run Single Payer Program?  RUN. Rather than publishing the truth of the matter, the racist media members like Jim Acosta continue to support the racism and the 1% agenda.

Before I finish this story I want to say something on abortion as Democrats never miss an opportunity to exploit our children.  I’m a Republican and am pro-choice, but I believe in American Values.  Americans Values means having Personal Responsibility.  With Personal Responsibility, there is self-respect and respect for others.  If Democrat families would raise their children with good American Values to include Personal Responsibility, there wouldn’t so many unwanted pregnancies.  Why can’t Democrats embrace good American Values such as these so we don’t have to have abortion discussions and wade through Democratic delusions about Wars on Women?  Nonetheless, to finish this story-

FIN – People immigrate to the United States because our country is exceptional, it is the land of opportunity, through hard work and effort you can become successful, because all men and women are created equal.  In a socialist society, regardless of your potential for success, all men and women are kept equal and equally poor; that is the equality promise of socialism.  When immigrants come to the US now, and learn that Democrats are attempting to turn the United States into some socialist country like the one they came from, they will be more likely to vote Republican.  As an educated and very well informed American, my wife proudly voted for President Trump.

Thanks, Rex

The Democrats’ “BETTER DEAL” – But Can They Mean It?

In lieu of tagging onto the CPUSA message of Hate & Resist, the Democrats decided they should be for something.  This something is a “Better Deal.”  This is a throwback to Democrat President FDR who gave Americans the “NEW DEAL” but what Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi won’t tell you is that FDR meant the NEW DEAL and Democrats today are just giving lip service to people dumb enough to believe their rhetoric.

       How do we know FDR meant it and Democrats today don’t mean it?

FDR stopped ALL immigration, legal and illegal, to ensure American Citizens were able to find jobs.  Essentially, FDR was using Trump’s “America First” principle and it worked for FDR.  If Democrats want to have the same level of success as FDR, they need to get onboard with President Trump.

Democrat President FDR also executed the mass deportation of Mexicans (between 500,000 and  2,000,000 were repatriated with Mexico) because then Democrats understood what was necessary to protect the American people and our jobs.

Today, it’s nothing less than hypocritical to try and immolate FDR’s messaging while embracing the UN Agenda 21 open borders mentality which denigrates the Unites States, her sovereignty, and threatens the American people and our rights.

The Soft Coup Against President Trump

24 July 2017

SUBJECT:  A The Soft Coup Taking Place Against President Trump and Our Republic & A Suggestion

Dear Mr. President,

I am earnestly concerned that a soft coup is taking place against you and our Republic. The CPUSA was actively supporting Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, not for their love of the US Constitution, but for their sedition of our nation’s greatest document.  Upon the loss of Hillary Clinton, the CPUSA began this message of Hate & Resist against you, and the DNC soon began to share this hateful and destructive message further tearing our country in-two.  It’s disturbing to see that the DNC has become the hands and feet of the CPUSA; the problems our nation faced in the 1950s’ are ever present today as we struggle to Make America Great Again.

We witnessed Barack Obama be elected through voter-fraud; yes it’s true that four people are in prison today for forging the necessary signatures onto the petition to get Obama’s name onto ballot in 2008.  An undisputable fact as proven in the courts- Barack Obama never should have been on the 2008 ballot and was elected through voter fraud and the media looked away.  In office Obama essentially over-threw the Government of Libya, supported the terrorists in Egypt, armed ISIS in Syria while calling them rebels, funded world-wide terrorism through Iran, and in effect Obama caused all of the Middle East unrest and refugee crises we are experiencing today and the media looks away because Liberals mindlessly considered it racist to question Obama’s actions.  We watched Hillary Clinton allow our Americans to die in Benghazi then lie about it, calling the highly coordinated attack a random act of violence (with mortars) the alleged result of a video sparking Islamic outrage.  I agree that Muslims should be outraged, outraged with Obama and Clinton for saying Muslims would kill over such a ridiculous video.  What Obama and Clinton did was to call Muslims simple and stupid.   Nonetheless, this lying about the video was a betrayal of public trust if there ever was any, and the media looked away.  When Obama’s administration was caught lying about lying about the video, the media looked away again.  Obama had promised to stop spying on the American people and when he was caught spying like George Bush on steroids spying, the media looked away. Hell, it would be news if CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Washington Post or the paper which lines my cat’s litter box, the NY Times, actually printed the truth and whole truth about Democrats; as a result of these propaganda outlets, most Americans who watch a little bit of Fake News have no clue the damage and crimes committed by Obama and Clinton.  Reminds me of what Mark Twain said- “If you don’t read your local newspaper, you’re uninformed, and if you do read it, you’re misinformed.”  In regards to Hillary’s private server with classified information flowing in all directions- The lowest ranking military service member can identify classified information with or without markings and take proper action if it were not marked accordingly; Hillary Clinton could say she ‘didn’t know’  all day long about classification levels but I don’t believe her because she is supposed to be smart enough to understand the basics unless the Democrats will cede that a junior soldier is smarter than Hillary.  As for the server, had I operated such a server, I would be entombed under the Fort Leavenworth prison.  Even Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta, the man so retarded that he made his gmail password “password“ knew that Hillary’s server was illegal and refused to discuss some topics over her server.  To protect the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, Hillary Clinton’s server crimes needs to be reopened and Hillary, her aides, every FBI agent, and DOJ official who gave Hillary Clinton and her posse a pass to commit felonies should also face trial- part of Making America Great Again.  The collusion between Russia and Hillary should also be investigated. The Clinton Cash Foundation accepted about $150M from Russia and shortly thereafter, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved the sale of US Uranium Mines to Russia; this simply oozes of collusion if anything ever did.  Speaking of collusion, this brings us to Robert Mueller and the DNC-CPUSA ties-

Today we see these CPUSA-DNC Operatives such as Mueller and his loyal comrades & DNC donors openly conducting an apparent “soft coup” operation against you and our Republic.  If there is an FBI Agent remaining who is still loyal to his/her oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, they should be assigned to investigate Mueller and his comrades as without a doubt, any effort, even a passing effort to target the President of the United States in any manner can be considered sedition and possibly even treason; especially since we have already linked these people to the DNC and the DNC through its shared deeds and messaging has linked itself to the CPUSA.  The Clinton-Comey-Muller-DNC-CPUSA Collusion is thick like Russian soup; you can stir it with a spoon.

SUGGESTION– As a career psychological warfare soldier, I see what they are doing, and I see a need for an organized counter-organization to create twitter, Facebook, and television commercials to help educate Americans as to what is really happening to our nation, dispel the Fake News daily, to help Americans understand that they have been victimized by propaganda (Fake News), and to better align themselves with what is in the best interest of the United States of America rather than the Corporate and UN Globalists who are also known as the 1%.

As an American Patriot, I am at your service.


Trump’s Brilliant Tweets

As I checked the news today, there were a plethora of news sites complaining about Trump’s Tweets (as usual) calling his tweets non-presidential.  From my perspective of a career psychological warfare soldier, I recognize Trump’s Tweets as nothing less than brilliant.

Why the Liberal Media is in the sack for UN Agenda 21 and Democrats who support UN Agenda 21 is another very complex story but the short of it is- Corporations will be wealthy under UN Agenda 21 and the Liberal Media is controlled by Corporations.  I’m willing to have this discussion with anyone interested but, back to this story and Trump’s Brilliant Tweets-

Obama actually said “My administration had no scandals.”  Obama said this while waving his hand like a Jedi Mind Trick and the media would simply agree despite Benghazi, Arming ISIS, Fast & Furious, Red Lines in Sand, Using DOJ to spy on and attack journalists, Open Sedition of the US Constitution, Mandating the US Flag be lowered to half staff for a druggy, Celebrating people guilty of white genocide, Instigating Race Relations Problems dividing America worse  than ever, Denigrating the Judeo-Christian values which made American the greatest nation on earth, his AG (Eric Holder) left under Contempt of Congress, and his next AG (Loretta Lynch) will probably be proven a criminal too, and the list goes on.  This same media which ignored Obama’s scandals and crimes dwells on Trump’s every Tweet as if each Tweet is the end of the world–OH MY GOD THE SKY IS FALLING AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN.  A year ago people were interested in some meaningless reality TV star and today those same Americans who previously knew nothing now know the name of Sean Spicer and various other Admin officials.  They know who the AG is.  They know who the VP is.  People are becoming better informed about our Government and all thanks to Trump’s Tweets BUT BUT BUT….

But the biggest and most important aspect of Trump’s Tweets is the truth.  Adolph Hitler’s book Mien Kampf explained his most important approach to psychological warfare which was the BIG LIE technique.  This technique, in Hitler’s book says:  “Tell a big lie, keep repeating the lie, eventually people will believe the lie.”  This is true, Obama would lie, the media would repeat his lies over and over, and many Americans believe Obama’s lies to this very date–these Americans have been programmed.  This technique works both ways- tell the truth, keep repeating the truth, eventually people will believe the truth.  Today Trump is telling the truth, he keeps repeating truth, and eventually people will believe the truth.  That truth is FAKE NEWS is dangerous to America.  CNN = Fake News.  ABC = Fake News.  CBS = Fake News.  NBC = Fake News, NYTimes = Fake News, MSNBC = FAKE NEWS.  We have heard it so many times we now know that CNN is FAKE NEWS and nothing more, it can’t be trusted and if the people in these FAKE NEWS organizations don’t like it, you have to sleep in the bed your made.  After four years of Trump, CNN will be a synonym for Fake News.

People are beginning to understand that these Media Sources are LIES and can’t be trusted.  These people may not understand why these media outlets are lying, but they understand that CNN = Fake News.  That is so important.  But a clue to why they are lying is $$$…  Many people believe that the 1% are bankers and the bankers are holding down the 99%.  Guess what, the corporations which control CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and others are the 1% telling lies to the 99% to CONTROL 99%, and the bankers are just pawns being used by that 1%–the bankers are just a target for the 99% to be distracted by as the real 1% manipulates.

Dear 99%, Trump is your friend; you may not like it, but that’s a fact–put all of the Liberal Media lies aside and you will recognize this to be true.

Dear Liberal Media, start reporting unbiased facts regardless of what your corporate masters dictate.  Even the 99% is beginning to see through you.  If you continue to lie for the advancement of someone else, your credibility will be lost for a decade or more.

Why Democrats Are Failing – An Honest Answer

The Special Election in Georgia handed Democrats another defeat even though Democrats spent about 5 times more on the election than did Republicans.  A significant portion of the problem in this special election is that nearly 97% of the Democrat’s money came from California and New York as these incredibly Liberal states attempted to buy an election in Georgia.  Nonetheless, this still isn’t the reason Democrats are failing.

         Why Democrats Are Failing?

The answer is plain and simple, the Democratic Party Platform has transformed into something Democrats of the 1960s considered to be evil.  In the 1960s the Democrat President was John F. Kennedy, also known as JFK.  JFK was a war hero serving as a commander of a PT boat during World War II.  JFK believed in protecting our country’s borders and he understood that Communism was and is real, and a threat.  JFK believed in reducing taxes and regulations on corporations so the corporations could flourish—in this JFK understood that when businesses are successful people are employed, and the Government sees more income through tax revenues of employed people rather than spending money to support unemployed people on welfare programs.    The mindset of JFK could be understood by his quotes such as- “Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.”  His mindset was about the American Values of self-respect, respect for others, and selfless service to God and the United States of America—JFK was an America-First President.  Also in the 1960s, John Glenn, a Marine combat pilot who served in two wars and was determined to be a man of the “Right Stuff” became America’s first astronaut.  John Glenn went on to become a Democratic Party Senator and Glenn’s mindset could also be understood from his quotes such as- “I pray every day and think everybody should.”  Democrats loved and admired both of these men.

Today, if you address the still very real concern of Communism, Democrats will mock you in a bullying fashion and call you McCarthy in a belittling manner while hypocritically claiming they oppose bullying.  The Democratic Party booed the name of God at a DNC convention under President Obama and take every action possible to denigrate the Judeo-Christian values which made America the greatest nation on earth as they defend atheism, militants gays, and militant feminism and ironically these same Democrats defend the Islamic invasion of the West even as Muslims kill atheists, gays, and self-minded women and the Muslim Clerics promise to take over the United States by attrition, dispose of our Constitution, and behead Americans in the streets—the Islamic Leadership of these Muslims say what their intentions really are and we’re seeing it happen in Europe and the Democrats still refuse to defend our nation.  These modern Democrats will attack the 2nd Amendment and insist on more gun control saying if it will save just one child’s life and all the while these same Democrats support abortion which kills 3,500,000 children per year.  Democrats could largely stop gun violence and abortion by simply reinvesting in the American Values which great Democrats like JFK and John Glenn demonstrated in their daily lives.  As President Trump tries to defend our borders and reduce regulations and taxes on businesses, the exact same things JFK once did to the pleasure of Democrats, today Democrats obstruct, and yell Racist without evidence (if you think you have evidence of Trump racism, prove it, and don’t cite CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NY Times, Washington Post or any other news sources known to twist quotes, skew facts, and leave people believing lies).

The DNC is sharing the same Hate & Resist messaging as the CPUSA.  YES, the Democratic Party has the exact same messaging as the Communist Party USA.  If you’re a real Democrat, that should bother you.

Let’s look at this DNC-CPUSA joint messaging-

Remember Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer forcing all Democrats to oppose and block Justice Gorsuch from the Supreme Court even though all Democrats found Gorsuch highly acceptable for a seat on a federal judgeship.


Where did we see this Block Gorsuch message first?  The Communist Party USA website gave the Democrats their talking points.

When Democrat Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi talks about RESIST Trump.

Where did we see this RESIST message first?  The Communist Party USA was the first to push the message of RESIST Trump.

If you’re a Democrat, and you’re proud of this shit,  JFK and John Glenn would be embarrassed by you.  Me, I think you need to move to China or North Korea if you like the direction the Democratic Party is going.


Questions For Rex – June 2017

Question- Rex, Do you proofread your work?

Answer-  Negro please… If I’m going to print I proofread.  If I’m prating on a blog it’s a stream of thought spraying out of my fingertips and who knows what shit appears on your monitor.

Question- Rex, Have you considered running for office?

Answer- I have run for office.  I learned three things from the experience.

  1. 1 in every 10 people who say they will help you, will actually do what they say
  2. The base of each of the political parties have activists which should be locked-up in Enchanted Palaces for their delusional and sometimes hateful believes and actions–They usually fill seats no-higher than County Chair, but may be found as high as State Chair
  3. I’m frugal, but I need more money to win

Question- Rex, Do you eat paint chips?

Answer- <long pause>  Maybe.

Question-  Will Obama ever be prosecuted for giving away $300B cash to Iran and will Hillary ever be prosecuted for selling US uranium mines to Russia?

Answer- Probably not.  I’ve discovered that the 1% Democrats whine about are actually the Democrats who are beyond prosecution which means the 14th Amendment does not apply to them.  The Democrat problem goes deeper as we have seen that all of our Mass Shooters in America are either registered Democrats, or Muslims protected by Democrats.  People who vote Democrat should ask themselves why they accept being lied to and accept their leaders funding people who want to destroy America.




America’s Experiment With Communism Ends – Liberals Freakout

It wasn’t so long ago when the Domestic Terrorist AKA Liberal College Professor Bill Ayers help put Barack Obama in office by running Obama’s first political fund raiser.  To understand Obama and how he intended to ‘Fundamentally Transform” America into a Communist State, all we have to do is to examine he good friend and personal fund raiser Bill Ayers.  Bill Ayers is the Co-Founder of Weather Underground, a self-described Communist Revolutionary Group which executed several bombings.  For those who mock this observation with McCarthy prate and laugh, the Communist Party USA is real, and has been very active since 1919.  This is Obama’s roots and why Donald Trump is working so hard to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

What I don’t understand is why so many people want Communism in America.  If you want Communism simply move to China.  This is what you will learn.  In the United States, all person are created equal, what you make of yourself is on you.  In Communism they always promise equality; in Communist societies everyone is kept EQUALLY POOR and oppressed.  Be careful of your idea of equality and be glad that America’s Experiment With Communist is done.  Help MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN by supporting Donald Trump.

Liberal – Defined

I’ve discovered that there are a lot of people who don’t actually know what a Liberal is.

A Liberal is a person who typically registers and votes Democrat and usurps the Democratic Party but their beliefs more closely aligned to the CPUSA.  Liberals claim to be Tolerant and use the word ‘Tolerant’ frequently, but they are HATFEUL and INTOLERANT of anything which represents the Judeo-Christian values which made the United States the greatest nation on earth.

Liberals will embrace Homosexuality, Militant Feminism, and Islam because it denigrates the American Judeo-Christian values and these Liberals don’t care that Islam when left alone kills the other two- Muslims hang gays and stone self-minded women–this isn’t the moderates and radicals, it’s just Islam and Liberals being Tolerant.

Liberal women will protest claiming that Trump degrades women and their protests will do nothing but degrade women.

Racist is a word frequently used by Liberals to stop meaningful discussion.  If you say something which Liberals can’t argue against, such as demonstrating their hypocrisy, they yell Racist.  As this is supposed to stop meaningful dialogue and force you, the person with the meaningful discussion in the conversation to defend yourself, you are no longer in a position to prove that the Liberal is a hypocrite who hates the US Constitution. Other hater nouns Liberals use are Bigot and Islamophobe.  This name calling is also a form of Liberal Bullying.  Simply brush off the hater noun and continue to address the real meat of the topic.

Why I Voted For Donald Trump

I was so sick of seeing Donald Trump attacked by Hateful-Abusive-Lying-Intolerant Liberal Bullies that I felt compelled to stand up for Trump–studies have shown that 93% of all Trump coverage was negative, lies,  and even hostile.  Trump wasn’t my first choice for President, but as a good American, I don’t accept Bullying.  Regrettably, many Americans still believe some of the lies Liberal Media repeated and repeated during the campaign.

         Who are these Bullies?

They are the Prating Hypocritical Liberals who call themselves ‘Loving and Tolerant’ who live a lie created by a Global entity.  These people don’t even understand they are living a lie and probably lack the capacity to finish reading this missive.

They are the media who openly sided with Hillary Clinton and refused to report on her crimes and misconduct leaving many American uninformed about the real Hillary Clinton.  They call themselves journalists but they are better described as propagandists who do the bidding of their corporate leadership.  These propagandists like Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Tom Llama, and Chris Cillizza to mention a few, don’t think and act for themselves, they are controlled by Wealthy Corporate Board Members whose wealth and power come from a Global economy and CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and the New York Times are the US mouthpieces of these Globalists.

          We see the Fake News, but what’s the source for the lies and deception?

The United Nations-  While Liberals are whining about non-existent Russian collusion, the UN is posing a REAL THREAT.   The UN created UN Agenda 21, this an Agenda for the 21st Century so they say.  George H. Bush signed the US onto this Global Agenda and every US President since, except President Trump, has supported this UN Agenda–this explains why Trump is treated exceptionally different by the media and the Globalists–Trump is not part of nor will he play with the “Establishment” and he was even willing to run for President as an independent and had the support to do so by people who see the real problem.  In the most simple words possible, UN Agenda 21 is about creating a Global One-Class Society controlled by the political and wealthy elite, or said more simplistic, a Global UN Government of wealthy and powerful people controlling the rest of us.  Does it surprise Democrats that George H. and George W. Bush would support this?  Does it surprise Republicans that Barack Obama and Bill Clinton would support this? No and No.  Whether you are a Republican or  Democrat, you should be concerned about UN Agenda 21 because it does not support the United States as a free and independent Republic which our forefathers fought to create.

To make UN Agenda 21 possible, there are a lot of things which must happen.

First and foremost, people must be willing to surrender their rights to one basic common Global Level for one Global Common Goal such as stopping Climate Change–this Global Goal will apply to us (the 99% or whatever you want to call us) and not to the Political and Wealthy Elite (1%) who fly on large private jets spewing pollution while expecting us to make sacrifices to protect the environment–they take $400,000 for speeches to Wall Street while talking about redistributing the wealth and income inequality–they build walls around their large private estates from Hollywood to Martha’s Vineyard but expect us to live with open borders and among criminals.   If you can see their hypocrisy,  you can see their lie, you will see the unpleasant truth.

To support UN Agenda 21, the UN created the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  Isn’t convenient how the UN hires people to create panels to support their own goals and objectives?  And they do it with out money. Their first scare tactics began in the 1970s claiming Global Cooling which didn’t happen, then in the 2000s they claimed Global Warming which didn’t happen.  Since they were Wrong and Wrong with Cooling and Warming, they coined the term “Climate Change.”  We can’t deny that the Climate is Changing.

I’m a Geologist (real scientist) and I understand that the Earth’s climate has been changing for 4.5 BILLION years.  Real scientists use the entire data range and accepts the results of the data–the data says that the earth’s climate has been cooling the entire time and Climate Change is NATURAL.  We can project this out and the earth will continue to cool until the Sun uses up its fuel and its orbit begins to expand; then things will get really hot.   Climatologists (fake scientists), who are funded by Globalists, cherry pick 420,000 years of ice core data to prove that Man-Kind is causing Climate Change. 420,000 years is only .009% of the available 4,500,000,000 years of data range real scientists use.  Can you pass a basic science class if you only used .009% of the data available to you?  NO. It’s even stupid to think you could but that is all the data that the US is using to BS you into believing in the Man-Made is causing Climate Change.    If you are willing to believe that Man-Kind is causing Climate Change, you are willing to accept the UN Governmental Controls over your life (restrictions and added expenses and taxes), you are WILLING TO BE A SLAVE to the Globalists.

          I voted for Donald Trump because-

  • Because I hate bullies and the Liberals who have taken over the Democratic Party are some of the most hateful-abusive-intolerant bullies we have ever seen
  • Because I’m American and I Love the US Constitution as written and I saw that Hillary Clinton was supported and endorsed by the CPUSA
  • Because I refuse to give up my freedom to empower the Globalists
  • Because I’m a career psychological warfare soldier and understand the propaganda Americans are being subjected to and I won’t fall prey to it like so many other Americans have
  • Because I’m a geologist and I see through the UN Climate Change Lie; it’s not about saving the environment, it’s about controlling us

So please, if you have something hateful to say to me for helping to
-Make American Great Again-
let’s hear it. 




Fake News Explained

Fake News or Psychological Warfare, it’s really the same thing.  The purpose of Psychological Warfare is to alter the attitudes and behavior of the target audience to be conducive to the campaign’s objects.

In the book ‘Mein Kampf,’ the author explained that the best psychological warfare was the BIG LIE technique.  In this you- “Tell a big lie, keep repeating the lie, eventually people will believe the lie.”

There is always a purpose behind lies and the purpose is probably sinister if the Government and Corporations are behind the lie.

Once upon a time, the news media operated with honesty and integrity, but times have changed.  We must keep in mind that most of today’s news media outlets are controlled by wealthy corporation board members.  These board members have international /global interests associated with their wealth.  While these board members are tied to the global interests which make them wealthy, they are also beholden to the politicians which support those global initiates.  This becomes a matter of which politicians support UN Agenda 21 which in a nutshell is about creating a global one-class society of poor people controlled by the political and wealthy elite.  George H. Bush signed us onto this UN Agenda; does that surprise you?  Clinton and Gore, G.W. Bush and Cheney, and Obama  and Biden all supported UN Agenda 21 with executive orders to back it.  Hillary supports this UN Agenda and Trump doesn’t

Fake News comes in various forms being:

  • Not Reporting Real News – The most common technique used is to not report the REAL NEWS taking place around the world.  Most people who watch CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC have no idea the magnitude of Hillary’s crimes involving her private email server–If I did what she did, I would live the rest of my life in prison.
  • Grey Lies – Lies with just enough truth to be believable.  These are easy to spot, look for any of the following:

o   Sources say

o   Unnamed Sources

o   Anonymous Sources

o   An opinion is inserted into the story

  • Visual Lies – Lies with stock video footage and images
  • Damned Lies – Lies with Percentages %%%% Statistics.  79% say they believe in man-made climate change.  79% of what?   79% of 47% believe this?  When anyone in the Government or Media begin speaking in Percentages-Statistics, you are most likely being lied.  As Mark Twain once said- “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.”
  • Polls – Polls are another creative way of lying. Two of the most common ways of lying with polls are the Push Poll and the Cherry Pick Poll.  The purpose of lying with polls it to mislead people, program people, and demoralize people.   If you are an undecided voter and believe Hillary Clinton is going to win because of poll results, you don’t want to side with the loser, you will vote for Hillary—remember how all the polls said Hillary would win?

o   Push Poll – the pollster creates a premise on which the question will be asked, sometimes the premise may be a lie or it may misleading.  Candidate A voted to take money away from public schools and redistribute that money to wealthy families to support subsidize their children’s public education.  DO YOU SUPPORT CANDIDATE A?  Your answer will probably be no.  In reality, Candidate A voted for public vouchers so all students have a choice in where they go to school.  This was a lie – I know this one because it was used against me when I last ran for office.

o   Cherry Pick Polls – Polls shows that 79% of voters hate Donald Trump.  The organizations which conduct polls have access to the list of registered voters.  These list show how you are registered to vote, your age, gender, if you vote in every election, if you only vote in the general election, if you always show up for special elections, and they keep this record through up to nine voting sessions.    If you want a poll result which has this type of hateful result, you select enough people who are  registered as Socialist, Communists (yes that’s a real option), Liberal, Green, and then pick out the most uninformed Democrats which are probably the youngest and call them.  This poll will most likely use Push techniques too.

  • Graphs – Graphs are easy to lie with.  Simply stretch the X or the Y axis to make the results look long, tall, or short.  Another great way to lie with graphs is to exclude important data.  Graphs like Climate Change data presented by Al Gore are lies—Gore’s climate change graphs shows 400,000 years of ice core data to demonstrate that humans are causing climate change—in this lie it’s important to tie climate change to humanity.  This is called cherry picking data to prove your point.  An honest representation of the climate can be found by looking at the full range of data which is 4,500,000,000 years of rock isotope data.  When real scientists examine the entire data range, we find that the earth’s climate is cooling which makes sense as our Sun has burned about half of its fuel—if you are told the climate lie enough, with a UN Climate Change Report to back it up, then you will begin to believe the lie.  Even UN Agenda 21 sites the UN Climate Change Report as rational for supporting UN Agenda 21.

I’m a geologist (real scientist) so I’ll tell you truth about climate change.  Climate Change is REAL and it’s NATURAL.  The climate has been changing since earth has had an atmosphere.  When you say the Climate Change is caused by man-kind, and man-kind believes the lie, then man-kind will accept more government control as spelled in UN Agenda 21.  There is a reason why the political and wealthy elite keep pushing this lie on you—if you’re not smart enough to get it, then you deserve to be one of their sheeple grazing on the green grass over the global septic tank.

REPEAT the Lie, keeping repeating the Lie, show the graph, show the percentages, show the graph again, cite the poll results, show the video, repeat the lie again.  Eventually you will believe the lie.