10,000 New Homes In Sacramento CA & THE REAL NEWS

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Politicians and bureaucrats love to talk about the drought, they support UN Agenda 21 which mandates sustainable development and a reduction in the population, yet they always approve more home developments and more shopping centers.  Take Roseville for example, they have recently approved and built six new housing communities and a new shopping center is coming to Washington BLVD and Blue Oaks-  At the same time they send water monitors around to ensure people are not over using water on their lawns.  All the while Roseville has gone from comfortable to crowded and congested and each of the new homes in the six housing communities is expected to use 200 gallons of water per day.

     Does anyone see the hypocrisy in this?

The hypocrisy is plain and simple-  You claim there is a drought and put water restrictions on the residents; then you contribute to the cause the of the drought through un-sustained over-development to greedily increase your tax base.

Now we are supposed to see another 10,000 new homes in Sacramento.  At the rate of 200 gallons of water per day, we can expect these 10,000 homes to consume 20,000,000 gallons of water per day.

Much of southern California gets its water from the Colorado River which is channeled through Lake Mead.  When Lake Mead was built in Nevada, Las Vegas has a population of 25,000 people and now the lake is going dry.  With a population which has swelled to 1.5M people now in Vegas, North Vegas, and Henderson can we blame the lake levels strictly on a drought?  Perhaps there are too many people with straws in the water.

      Besides more drought, what comes with all of these new water consuming households they intend to build in Sacramento?

Expanded roads is the answer-  Expanded roads for the increase in people who drive about emitting CO2  and the wider roads results in sheet-wash of rain water-the rain water runs off the roads and parking lots in sheets and down the storm drains to the ocean and not back to the diminishing aquifers.   For a lot of people who claim to love the environment, they should all be jailed for abusing mother nature.

California cannot support un-sustained development.  We hear our politicians and bureaucrats talk about the environment and how we have to save it, but every time they approve more development to greedily increase their tax bases, they are damaging the environment.   Nobody in California should talk about the Drought or Climate Change without discussing the underlining problems such as:

  • Greedy politicians and bureaucrats attempting to increase their tax base at the expense of the environment
  • Un-Sustained Development
  • Too many people-  I know we all want to help every migrant out there but the environment can only support so many people and these people are better helped when they are uniformly distributed about the planet

Let’s do what is right for a change.   Stop greedy politicians and rather than importing more people from other countries for a better way of life here which will ultimately destroy our environment, let’s take our best and most motivated people and go to their countries to create better infrastructure with good and sustainable jobs there.   If you think these people can only find a better way of life here, then you’re a RACIST.


Why can’t Zuckerberg set up shop in Guatemala, bring in the base people to run his business, and begin a training academy to grow the next generation of Google programmers?

Why can’t Matt Damon move to Chad with some water engineers from Berkley to begin and run a clean water treatment facility?  At the same time he can create an African based clean water initiative.

Seriously, it be cool if every tech billionaire and Hollywood multi-millionaire would simply leave the United States for another country and make that country so great that their people would see no reason to come to the US and over-tax the fragile environment we have here.