Why Democrats Are Failing – An Honest Answer

The Special Election in Georgia handed Democrats another defeat even though Democrats spent about 5 times more on the election than did Republicans.  A significant portion of the problem in this special election is that nearly 97% of the Democrat’s money came from California and New York as these incredibly Liberal states attempted to buy an election in Georgia.  Nonetheless, this still isn’t the reason Democrats are failing.

         Why Democrats Are Failing?

The answer is plain and simple, the Democratic Party Platform has transformed into something Democrats of the 1960s considered to be evil.  In the 1960s the Democrat President was John F. Kennedy, also known as JFK.  JFK was a war hero serving as a commander of a PT boat during World War II.  JFK believed in protecting our country’s borders and he understood that Communism was and is real, and a threat.  JFK believed in reducing taxes and regulations on corporations so the corporations could flourish—in this JFK understood that when businesses are successful people are employed, and the Government sees more income through tax revenues of employed people rather than spending money to support unemployed people on welfare programs.    The mindset of JFK could be understood by his quotes such as- “Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.”  His mindset was about the American Values of self-respect, respect for others, and selfless service to God and the United States of America—JFK was an America-First President.  Also in the 1960s, John Glenn, a Marine combat pilot who served in two wars and was determined to be a man of the “Right Stuff” became America’s first astronaut.  John Glenn went on to become a Democratic Party Senator and Glenn’s mindset could also be understood from his quotes such as- “I pray every day and think everybody should.”  Democrats loved and admired both of these men.

Today, if you address the still very real concern of Communism, Democrats will mock you in a bullying fashion and call you McCarthy in a belittling manner while hypocritically claiming they oppose bullying.  The Democratic Party booed the name of God at a DNC convention under President Obama and take every action possible to denigrate the Judeo-Christian values which made America the greatest nation on earth as they defend atheism, militants gays, and militant feminism and ironically these same Democrats defend the Islamic invasion of the West even as Muslims kill atheists, gays, and self-minded women and the Muslim Clerics promise to take over the United States by attrition, dispose of our Constitution, and behead Americans in the streets—the Islamic Leadership of these Muslims say what their intentions really are and we’re seeing it happen in Europe and the Democrats still refuse to defend our nation.  These modern Democrats will attack the 2nd Amendment and insist on more gun control saying if it will save just one child’s life and all the while these same Democrats support abortion which kills 3,500,000 children per year.  Democrats could largely stop gun violence and abortion by simply reinvesting in the American Values which great Democrats like JFK and John Glenn demonstrated in their daily lives.  As President Trump tries to defend our borders and reduce regulations and taxes on businesses, the exact same things JFK once did to the pleasure of Democrats, today Democrats obstruct, and yell Racist without evidence (if you think you have evidence of Trump racism, prove it, and don’t cite CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NY Times, Washington Post or any other news sources known to twist quotes, skew facts, and leave people believing lies).

The DNC is sharing the same Hate & Resist messaging as the CPUSA.  YES, the Democratic Party has the exact same messaging as the Communist Party USA.  If you’re a real Democrat, that should bother you.

Let’s look at this DNC-CPUSA joint messaging-

Remember Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer forcing all Democrats to oppose and block Justice Gorsuch from the Supreme Court even though all Democrats found Gorsuch highly acceptable for a seat on a federal judgeship.


Where did we see this Block Gorsuch message first?  The Communist Party USA website gave the Democrats their talking points.

When Democrat Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi talks about RESIST Trump.

Where did we see this RESIST message first?  The Communist Party USA was the first to push the message of RESIST Trump.

If you’re a Democrat, and you’re proud of this shit,  JFK and John Glenn would be embarrassed by you.  Me, I think you need to move to China or North Korea if you like the direction the Democratic Party is going.


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