Fake News Explained

Fake News or Psychological Warfare, it’s really the same thing.  The purpose of Psychological Warfare is to alter the attitudes and behavior of the target audience to be conducive to the campaign’s objects.

In the book ‘Mein Kampf,’ the author explained that the best psychological warfare was the BIG LIE technique.  In this you- “Tell a big lie, keep repeating the lie, eventually people will believe the lie.”

There is always a purpose behind lies and the purpose is probably sinister if the Government and Corporations are behind the lie.

Once upon a time, the news media operated with honesty and integrity, but times have changed.  We must keep in mind that most of today’s news media outlets are controlled by wealthy corporation board members.  These board members have international /global interests associated with their wealth.  While these board members are tied to the global interests which make them wealthy, they are also beholden to the politicians which support those global initiates.  This becomes a matter of which politicians support UN Agenda 21 which in a nutshell is about creating a global one-class society of poor people controlled by the political and wealthy elite.  George H. Bush signed us onto this UN Agenda; does that surprise you?  Clinton and Gore, G.W. Bush and Cheney, and Obama  and Biden all supported UN Agenda 21 with executive orders to back it.  Hillary supports this UN Agenda and Trump doesn’t

Fake News comes in various forms being:

  • Not Reporting Real News – The most common technique used is to not report the REAL NEWS taking place around the world.  Most people who watch CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC have no idea the magnitude of Hillary’s crimes involving her private email server–If I did what she did, I would live the rest of my life in prison.
  • Grey Lies – Lies with just enough truth to be believable.  These are easy to spot, look for any of the following:

o   Sources say

o   Unnamed Sources

o   Anonymous Sources

o   An opinion is inserted into the story

  • Visual Lies – Lies with stock video footage and images
  • Damned Lies – Lies with Percentages %%%% Statistics.  79% say they believe in man-made climate change.  79% of what?   79% of 47% believe this?  When anyone in the Government or Media begin speaking in Percentages-Statistics, you are most likely being lied.  As Mark Twain once said- “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.”
  • Polls – Polls are another creative way of lying. Two of the most common ways of lying with polls are the Push Poll and the Cherry Pick Poll.  The purpose of lying with polls it to mislead people, program people, and demoralize people.   If you are an undecided voter and believe Hillary Clinton is going to win because of poll results, you don’t want to side with the loser, you will vote for Hillary—remember how all the polls said Hillary would win?

o   Push Poll – the pollster creates a premise on which the question will be asked, sometimes the premise may be a lie or it may misleading.  Candidate A voted to take money away from public schools and redistribute that money to wealthy families to support subsidize their children’s public education.  DO YOU SUPPORT CANDIDATE A?  Your answer will probably be no.  In reality, Candidate A voted for public vouchers so all students have a choice in where they go to school.  This was a lie – I know this one because it was used against me when I last ran for office.

o   Cherry Pick Polls – Polls shows that 79% of voters hate Donald Trump.  The organizations which conduct polls have access to the list of registered voters.  These list show how you are registered to vote, your age, gender, if you vote in every election, if you only vote in the general election, if you always show up for special elections, and they keep this record through up to nine voting sessions.    If you want a poll result which has this type of hateful result, you select enough people who are  registered as Socialist, Communists (yes that’s a real option), Liberal, Green, and then pick out the most uninformed Democrats which are probably the youngest and call them.  This poll will most likely use Push techniques too.

  • Graphs – Graphs are easy to lie with.  Simply stretch the X or the Y axis to make the results look long, tall, or short.  Another great way to lie with graphs is to exclude important data.  Graphs like Climate Change data presented by Al Gore are lies—Gore’s climate change graphs shows 400,000 years of ice core data to demonstrate that humans are causing climate change—in this lie it’s important to tie climate change to humanity.  This is called cherry picking data to prove your point.  An honest representation of the climate can be found by looking at the full range of data which is 4,500,000,000 years of rock isotope data.  When real scientists examine the entire data range, we find that the earth’s climate is cooling which makes sense as our Sun has burned about half of its fuel—if you are told the climate lie enough, with a UN Climate Change Report to back it up, then you will begin to believe the lie.  Even UN Agenda 21 sites the UN Climate Change Report as rational for supporting UN Agenda 21.

I’m a geologist (real scientist) so I’ll tell you truth about climate change.  Climate Change is REAL and it’s NATURAL.  The climate has been changing since earth has had an atmosphere.  When you say the Climate Change is caused by man-kind, and man-kind believes the lie, then man-kind will accept more government control as spelled in UN Agenda 21.  There is a reason why the political and wealthy elite keep pushing this lie on you—if you’re not smart enough to get it, then you deserve to be one of their sheeple grazing on the green grass over the global septic tank.

REPEAT the Lie, keeping repeating the Lie, show the graph, show the percentages, show the graph again, cite the poll results, show the video, repeat the lie again.  Eventually you will believe the lie.


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