Fake News = Propaganda – BUT WHAT’S THE PURPOSE?

When we talk about Fake News, we’re talking about Propaganda.  A lie is a lie, propaganda is a lie with a purpose;.   We need to understand why America as a whole is being lied to and subjected to Propaganda.  It’s not a matter of Republicans or Democrats, it’s really a matter of the political-wealthy elite and the rest of us.  Some people say it’s the 1% versus the 99%, that’s a nice thought because it’s close, but still not hitting the nail on the head.  Let’s make sense of it.

The U.S. Army Psychological Warfare Command was the first of the Special Operations career fields stood up during WWII to combat Adolph Hitler’s Propaganda.  Hitler’s book “Mien Kampf,” written with the assistance of Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda had what he called the “Big Lie” approach- “Tell a big lie, keep repeating the lie, eventually people will believe the lie.”  My name is Rex, I’m a career Psychological Warfare soldier and I would like to introduce you to what’s happening and some of the Big Lies we are subjected to.

In psychological warfare, the operators identify the target audiences whether the targets are senior, millennials, children, or an ethnicity.  Then the operators determine what the vulnerabilities and susceptibilities are of these target audiences, and create media to exploit those vulnerabilities.  A senior citizen will be vulnerable to themes about social security and retirement.  People with medical conditions are vulnerable to themes about healthcare.  Those with children are vulnerable to themes about education and safety.  Every demographic has a vulnerability, they are susceptible to specific themes, and there are preferred media to reach those demographics.  For seniors it may be a newspaper, the 40 something it may be broadcast media, millennials it may be Facebook.  What are your vulnerabilities?  Recognize your vulnerabilities and be on alert when you see some organization exploiting your vulnerability.  Talk about it with your family and friends; everybody needs to see what’s happening.

The majority of the media is lying, conducting deception operations, twisting reality, skewing what is true, and hiding the sinister truth about some political candidates like George H. Bush, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, JEB Bush, Bernie Sanders, or Hillary Clinton. Put how you feel about these politicians aside and look for the truth.  The large broadcast media companies report the news based on the vision of their Board Members and these Board Members are the filthy rich of the world, not just the US. 

         So why are we being subjected to Propaganda?


UN Agenda 21 is about creating a Global One-Class Society of Poor People Controlled by the Political and Wealthy Elite–This is a real UN Agenda.  George H. Bush signed us onto UN Agenda 21.  That probably doesn’t surprise many people who identify as Democrats, but bewilders those who identify as Republicans.  Let’s put those left and right labels aside because what UN Agenda 21 is about is not American, they are using our identities of Republicans and Democrats to pit Americans against each other.  We need to be Americans united now, not Divided.

The crux of UN Agenda 21 has several key aspects which constitution the BIG LIE:

  1. Environmental Sustainability
    1. Accountability of all earth resources
    2. Use Man-Made Climate Change as the rational to control people
    3. Reduce earth’s population by about 80%
  2. Common Core Education
  3. Create a homogenous society of poor people

Environmental Sustainability-  Those wealthy and political elite people embrace the term ‘environmental sustainability.’  It’s true that our  world cannot sustain the population growth; these very same wealthy and politically powerful people who embrace reducing the earth’s population by 80% also embrace Common Core Education for us, not for their children.  Mindful, the wealthy do not let their children go to public schools where Common Core is taught.  Section III of UN Agenda 21 is about using “Common Teaching” in the public schools as they call it, or rather “Common Core” as the Department of Education calls it to train children into accepting more Government control in the name of Environmental protection.

In this mantra of Environmental Sustainability is the Big Lie of Man-Made Climate Change–Remember Lies with a reason “Propaganda” has a purpose.

           Who said that Man-Made Climate Change is real or is a hazard?

The UN who created UN Agenda 21 also created the IPCC to back up their ‘Big Lie’ of Man-Made Climate Change.  Seriously, what thinking person trusts the UN?  In this IPCC more than 450 ‘lead authors’ (so they say) have received input from more than 800 contributing authors, and an additional 2,500 experts reviewed the draft documents.   In this, they cut and pasted what they wanted into the report.  I’m also a degreed geologist.  In geology, we use the entire data range of 4.5B years of data to say Climate Change is NATURAL, but to say it is Man-Made is a LIE.  The Climatologists (Fake Scientists) Cherry Pick data out of the last 4M years to prove that Mankind has caused climate change.  Real Scientists don’t cherry pick data to prove a point, real scientists use the entire data range and accept the fact which results. However, if you believe this lie, you will be willing to accept more Government control over your life.

Out of the full data range, what percentage of data do Climatologists use to say climate change is man-made?  The answer- 0.08% of the full data range.  Why would anyone believe as a scientific fact an answer which only uses 0.08% of the available data?

Fastest Way of Protecting the Environment-

The most important and fastest way of protecting the environment is to reduce the population and reduce it quickly to protect the earth’s resources for wealthy and powerful people.

        What’s the easiest way of reducing the earth’s population by 80%?

Breakdown country borders by turning a blind-eye to illegal immigration and consolidate the people who add the least value to society in specific locations such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Austin, Denver, New York, Miami, Toronto, Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, Moscow, Shanghai, New Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City… and introduce a plaque.

We hear them talk about a New World Order- they have a plan and many of us are too enthralled with reality TV to see what is really happening around us.



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