Free College

Free College Isn't FreeFree College

It wasn’t that long ago that Democrats were promising FREE HEALTHCARE.  They initially called it “Universal Healthcare.” Then they named it “The Affordable Care Act” which was promptly labeled ObamaCare.  We now know how “Free” and “Affordable” that is.

Can you imagine how expensive Free College will be?

Those running on platforms of Democratic Socialism like Hillary Clinton or straight up Socialism like Bernie Sanders enticed younger voters with FREE COLLEGE!  They always use the word FREE.  But there are two things they never tell  you.

  1.  When the Government is paying for you to go to college, the Government chooses what your degree will be and it will be based on the greater needs of society and what your aptitude tests show you are most likely to be good at, not what you want to do.   Welcome to Socialism.  Do they tell this little detail to you when they ask for your vote?Another truth about socialized education, not everyone gets to go to college.  The needs of society and your aptitude may be that of a welder, pipefitter, plumber, mechanic, well field driller, miner; I’m not saying these are bad trades, in fact they are honorable fields of a country’s infrastructure.  What I am saying is:  Your dream of being earning a Liberal Arts degree in Women’s Studies won’t be available in a socialist education system and even if it were, there is a slim chance that you would be allowed to take the classes.  You begin to lose your freedoms when you vote for anything other than the Republic which the founders created.
  2. They say the education is FREE.  However, after you graduate, you will enter the workforce and while you don’t have to repay college loans, the payroll tax rate is 50% in socialist countries.   The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour.  These people running on socialist platforms who promise to give you free college, if you qualify, promise to raise your minimum wage to $15.00 per hour.  These socialists trust that you’re dumb enough to not understand that $15.00 per hour taxed 50% results in $7.50 per hour.  BTW, when you raise the minimum wage, the cost of everything goes up so you dollars doesn’t go as far.  The only winner in a federal minimum wage raise is the federal Government as they bring in more through taxes.  If you give up half of your pay for the rest of your life for free college today remember, you could have paid for college many times over, but you chose instead to make the Government elite wealthy.

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