Illegal Immigration Causes Climate Change

BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT – “Controlled immigration is imperative for environmental sustainability. ”  Now read on->

Do you think that’s a crazy fake news headline?  Not so quick.  Saying Climate Change may be a little over the top a little, but illegal immigration does harm the environment.

When Hoover Dam was built in Nevada creating Lake Mead, Las Vegas had a population of 25,000 people.  Today, Las Vegas mindlessly invites and welcomes illegals and the population has exceeded 1.5 million people to include North Las Vegas and Henderson and Lake Mead is more than 100 feet low.

It’s fair to say that a drought has had some impact on the water level however, it’s delusional to believe that an extra million people is not having an impact on the water resources.  It’s TRUE. The more people you have, the more water is consumed.  But not only is there more water consumed, there’s more food consumed, more oxygen and nitrogen is consumed out of the air=more greenhouse gases (thanks illegals), more fuel is consumed in transportation, more lanes of highways causing more sheet-wash preventing rainwater from reaching the aquifers.  In the west, the animals are looking left and right for more water just to survive the day, but the Liberals have invited all of the humans to consume all the water resources.  As a scientist I can go on.  I would like for you to hear me because, I’m a scientists and Bill Nye the Science Guy whom you like to listen to is not a scientist–Bill Nye’s Wikipedia page calls him an “Entertainer.”  In fact, most of the people whose names are on the UN Climate Study are not scientists either–turns out that anyone who even accidently read that UN report on climate change whether they agreed to the non-scientific report or not had their name added to it to include clerks and aides.

UN Agenda 21 is about creating a Global One Class Society of poor people controlled by the wealthy and political elite.  Would it surprise you that George H. Bush signed us onto this UN Agenda?   The same people who get $60M book deals and $400K speaking fees (Obama – the guy who talks about sharing the wealth but doesn’t’) will be the leaders of this flock of Sheeple controlled by this UN Agenda–its about controlling you and keeping them rich–it has nothing to do with the environment.  This UN Agenda openly states that Environmental causes will be the rational for controlling ‘We The People.’  When this UN Agenda was conceived is when the Government lies of Global Cooling and Global Warming began.

These lies have been on the Cover of Time, time and again.  In Hitler’s book Mein Kamph he expressed his Psychological Warfare tactics of “Tell a lie, keep repeating the lie, eventually people will believe the lie.”  People have been hearing this Climate Change LIE for so long they believe it is real–they have been program by a World War II tactic.

Yeah, people have been believing these climate changes lies for a long time.  If they can’t make you believe in GLOBAL COOLING as they tried in the 1970s, they will try with GLOBAL WARMING as they tried in the early 2000s, and if that doesn’t work they will simply go with CLIMATE CHANGE which is the new MANTRA for the easily programmed.

Regardless, if you believe it environmentally sound to over populate an area with legal or illegals, you’re delusional.  To believe that there will be a positive outcome by importing a group of people to areas already strained in water resources because it makes you feel good to be a human, demonstrates that you can’t see far enough forward to understand that harm you will do to humanity through this shallow mindset.

Controlled immigration is imperative for environmental sustainability.

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