Liberal – Defined

I’ve discovered that there are a lot of people who don’t actually know what a Liberal is.

A Liberal is a person who typically registers and votes Democrat and usurps the Democratic Party but their beliefs more closely aligned to the CPUSA.  Liberals claim to be Tolerant and use the word ‘Tolerant’ frequently, but they are HATFEUL and INTOLERANT of anything which represents the Judeo-Christian values which made the United States the greatest nation on earth.

Liberals will embrace Homosexuality, Militant Feminism, and Islam because it denigrates the American Judeo-Christian values and these Liberals don’t care that Islam when left alone kills the other two- Muslims hang gays and stone self-minded women–this isn’t the moderates and radicals, it’s just Islam and Liberals being Tolerant.

Liberal women will protest claiming that Trump degrades women and their protests will do nothing but degrade women.

Racist is a word frequently used by Liberals to stop meaningful discussion.  If you say something which Liberals can’t argue against, such as demonstrating their hypocrisy, they yell Racist.  As this is supposed to stop meaningful dialogue and force you, the person with the meaningful discussion in the conversation to defend yourself, you are no longer in a position to prove that the Liberal is a hypocrite who hates the US Constitution. Other hater nouns Liberals use are Bigot and Islamophobe.  This name calling is also a form of Liberal Bullying.  Simply brush off the hater noun and continue to address the real meat of the topic.

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