Open Letter To The CNN Hateful Racist Jim Acosta

Dear Hateful Racist Jim Acosta of CNN (AKA Fake News),

Let me begin with a relevant tangent-  I understand that UN Agenda 21 is about wealthy globalists (the 1%) such as your CNN board members creating a global one-class society of poor people controlled by the political and wealthy elite.  No, it’s not a conspiracy, it’s real, George H. Bush signed us up for UN Agenda 21.  To make this UN Agenda (aka One-World Order) happen, these wealthy globalists who now own most of the media outlets rely on Fake News (lies with a purpose or propaganda said otherwise) to program the simple masses into supporting their agenda.  In this I realize that you’re just one of the minion supporting the vision of your wealthy board members.  While you may not even understand the overall picture, to accomplish your corporate board’s mission, you must hate President Trump and lie about him.  In fact you obviously hate President Trump so much it’s safe to call you a Bigot based on the very definition of the word.

These little things aside, I wanted to address your Hateful RACISM.  I didn’t realize just how racist you were until you indicated, that in your mind, English speaking people only come from predominately white countries.  Let me share a short story with you-

My wife (a black lady), immigrated to the United States from another country when she was just 17 years old, by herself, and speaking English.  She joined the U.S. Marine Corps and served her new country for than 10 years; only stopped in her service by an injury.  She became an American citizen.  She used her GI Bill to earn a bachelor’s degree.  She then found employment in a professional field and works hard to this day.  She realizes there’s NO SUCH THING as Income Inequality, that’s just a Liberal Lie to get simple people to vote for Democrats who promise to increase the minimum wage to the new minimum wage. It will still be the minimum wage regardless.  There’s no Income Inequality, there is only Effort Inequality.  As my wife worked harder and harder she earned more and more money.  She learned that the more she earned, the more Democrats wanted to tax her for programs which supports people who don’t and even refuse work such as $1.7B going to Welfare for illegals in Los Angeles alone.  She quickly realized that when Democrats talked about “Redistributing the Wealth.” it meant her hard-earned money being stolen from her to bribe people into voting Democrat.   She recognized these Democratic programs as nothing less than racists themselves as they promise simple handouts in return for votes, these programs actually keep poor people poor and don’t incentivize achievement this was paramount to a modern-day plantation.   The people on these programs became beholden to the Government and the Democrats, just like plantation masters used fear and lies to keep their slaves (voters) in check.  This fear is applied during election season:  Vote for the Democrats because the Republicans will take away your free stuff and you will have to work.  Where did this free stuff come from?  The answer-  The Great Society Act of 1965 promised free stuff to blacks and poor people.  Democrat President LBJ signed the Great Society Act and then said “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”  But that’s how Democrats campaign; they never say vote for me because I am for this or that; Democrats will always say vote for me because the Republican will do something mean and take away your free stuff.  Giving people freedom from Government control is not bean. But in other words, the Democrat campaign will always focus on exploiting peoples’ vulnerabilities with fear.  While Democrats will use your children to scare you for a vote such as more gun control if it will save just one child.  In their next breath they will scare you for a vote insisting Republicans will stop abortion.  Do people who vote Democrat see the hypocrisy in these competing platform agendas of saving children and killing children?   Democrats exploit the fear that Republicans will stop abortion.  Why do Democrats support abortion so strongly?  The quick answer is RACISM.  While the Democrats will twist abortion into yet something else with President Bill Clinton claiming Republicans have a War on Women for opposing abortion; Democrats just up and forget that Bill Clinton sodomized a young woman with a cigar.  Talk about a War on Women and that’s your Democrat Champion for abortion?  The real reason for Planned Parenthood is RACISM.  Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, had many things to say about blacks such as: “Blacks are human weeds.”  In the course of setting up Planned Parenthood, Margaret ensured 80% of all abortion clinics were located in black neighborhoods; to help get rid of the human weeds.  It’s not a War on Women, it’s a War on Blacks and other minorities.  This has been happening with Democrats for a long time; the Department of Interior has sterilized at least 25% of Native Americans through the Department of Interior’s operations in the Bureau of Indian Affairs (Government Run Healthcare for Native Americans) and you Democrats want a Government Run Single Payer Program?  RUN. Rather than publishing the truth of the matter, the racist media members like Jim Acosta continue to support the racism and the 1% agenda.

Before I finish this story I want to say something on abortion as Democrats never miss an opportunity to exploit our children.  I’m a Republican and am pro-choice, but I believe in American Values.  Americans Values means having Personal Responsibility.  With Personal Responsibility, there is self-respect and respect for others.  If Democrat families would raise their children with good American Values to include Personal Responsibility, there wouldn’t so many unwanted pregnancies.  Why can’t Democrats embrace good American Values such as these so we don’t have to have abortion discussions and wade through Democratic delusions about Wars on Women?  Nonetheless, to finish this story-

FIN – People immigrate to the United States because our country is exceptional, it is the land of opportunity, through hard work and effort you can become successful, because all men and women are created equal.  In a socialist society, regardless of your potential for success, all men and women are kept equal and equally poor; that is the equality promise of socialism.  When immigrants come to the US now, and learn that Democrats are attempting to turn the United States into some socialist country like the one they came from, they will be more likely to vote Republican.  As an educated and very well informed American, my wife proudly voted for President Trump.

Thanks, Rex

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