Question for California Governor Jerry Brown

Governor Brown,

You seem to be concerned with Environmental Sustainability yet you are insistent on allowing all persons safe passage to migrate to California legally or illegally.  Do you consider the environmental consequences of such migration?

With more people there are:

  • More cars and trucks which equates to:
    • More fuel consumption which equates to:

      • More oil rigs off the coast

      • Potential for oil spills in the ocean

      • More air pollution

    • Wider highways which equates to:

      • More mining for limestone to make the cement

      • More mining for the iron rebar to reinforce the concrete

      • More mining requires heavy equipment and truck and electric won’t work

      • More sheet-wash of water

  • More demands for food which equates to:

    • More farms which require fuel intensive heavy equipment

    • More fuel intensive trucks to haul the produce to market

    • More grocery stores

    • More parking lots resulting in more sheet wash of rain water

  • More demands for water

    • More dams

      • Dams are vulnerable to terrorists attacks

      • Dams destructively alter nature

      • Every time you build a dam, you create a vulnerable population

These are just a few examples of what a larger population brings to California and at some point we simply will no longer be able to sustain this larger population.

You can’t depend on the rest of the United States to save California; the rest of the United States refers to California as “COMMIEfornia” for some very valid reasons and would be fine seeing the vastly non-thinking Liberal population of the state die in an over-population self-inflicted environmental disaster (the irony).

QUESTION- How many people can California sustain before the Environmental Resources collapse leading to our future Liberal-Made environmental disaster?  When answering this question remember that this future disaster is your Legacy and how future history books will remember you.

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