Questions For Rex – June 2017

Question- Rex, Do you proofread your work?

Answer-  Negro please… If I’m going to print I proofread.  If I’m prating on a blog it’s a stream of thought spraying out of my fingertips and who knows what shit appears on your monitor.

Question- Rex, Have you considered running for office?

Answer- I have run for office.  I learned three things from the experience.

  1. 1 in every 10 people who say they will help you, will actually do what they say
  2. The base of each of the political parties have activists which should be locked-up in Enchanted Palaces for their delusional and sometimes hateful believes and actions–They usually fill seats no-higher than County Chair, but may be found as high as State Chair
  3. I’m frugal, but I need more money to win

Question- Rex, Do you eat paint chips?

Answer- <long pause>  Maybe.

Question-  Will Obama ever be prosecuted for giving away $300B cash to Iran and will Hillary ever be prosecuted for selling US uranium mines to Russia?

Answer- Probably not.  I’ve discovered that the 1% Democrats whine about are actually the Democrats who are beyond prosecution which means the 14th Amendment does not apply to them.  The Democrat problem goes deeper as we have seen that all of our Mass Shooters in America are either registered Democrats, or Muslims protected by Democrats.  People who vote Democrat should ask themselves why they accept being lied to and accept their leaders funding people who want to destroy America.




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