The Democrats’ “BETTER DEAL” – But Can They Mean It?

In lieu of tagging onto the CPUSA message of Hate & Resist, the Democrats decided they should be for something.  This something is a “Better Deal.”  This is a throwback to Democrat President FDR who gave Americans the “NEW DEAL” but what Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi won’t tell you is that FDR meant the NEW DEAL and Democrats today are just giving lip service to people dumb enough to believe their rhetoric.

       How do we know FDR meant it and Democrats today don’t mean it?

FDR stopped ALL immigration, legal and illegal, to ensure American Citizens were able to find jobs.  Essentially, FDR was using Trump’s “America First” principle and it worked for FDR.  If Democrats want to have the same level of success as FDR, they need to get onboard with President Trump.

Democrat President FDR also executed the mass deportation of Mexicans (between 500,000 and  2,000,000 were repatriated with Mexico) because then Democrats understood what was necessary to protect the American people and our jobs.

Today, it’s nothing less than hypocritical to try and immolate FDR’s messaging while embracing the UN Agenda 21 open borders mentality which denigrates the Unites States, her sovereignty, and threatens the American people and our rights.

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