The Soft Coup Against President Trump

24 July 2017

SUBJECT:  A The Soft Coup Taking Place Against President Trump and Our Republic & A Suggestion

Dear Mr. President,

I am earnestly concerned that a soft coup is taking place against you and our Republic. The CPUSA was actively supporting Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, not for their love of the US Constitution, but for their sedition of our nation’s greatest document.  Upon the loss of Hillary Clinton, the CPUSA began this message of Hate & Resist against you, and the DNC soon began to share this hateful and destructive message further tearing our country in-two.  It’s disturbing to see that the DNC has become the hands and feet of the CPUSA; the problems our nation faced in the 1950s’ are ever present today as we struggle to Make America Great Again.

We witnessed Barack Obama be elected through voter-fraud; yes it’s true that four people are in prison today for forging the necessary signatures onto the petition to get Obama’s name onto ballot in 2008.  An undisputable fact as proven in the courts- Barack Obama never should have been on the 2008 ballot and was elected through voter fraud and the media looked away.  In office Obama essentially over-threw the Government of Libya, supported the terrorists in Egypt, armed ISIS in Syria while calling them rebels, funded world-wide terrorism through Iran, and in effect Obama caused all of the Middle East unrest and refugee crises we are experiencing today and the media looks away because Liberals mindlessly considered it racist to question Obama’s actions.  We watched Hillary Clinton allow our Americans to die in Benghazi then lie about it, calling the highly coordinated attack a random act of violence (with mortars) the alleged result of a video sparking Islamic outrage.  I agree that Muslims should be outraged, outraged with Obama and Clinton for saying Muslims would kill over such a ridiculous video.  What Obama and Clinton did was to call Muslims simple and stupid.   Nonetheless, this lying about the video was a betrayal of public trust if there ever was any, and the media looked away.  When Obama’s administration was caught lying about lying about the video, the media looked away again.  Obama had promised to stop spying on the American people and when he was caught spying like George Bush on steroids spying, the media looked away. Hell, it would be news if CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Washington Post or the paper which lines my cat’s litter box, the NY Times, actually printed the truth and whole truth about Democrats; as a result of these propaganda outlets, most Americans who watch a little bit of Fake News have no clue the damage and crimes committed by Obama and Clinton.  Reminds me of what Mark Twain said- “If you don’t read your local newspaper, you’re uninformed, and if you do read it, you’re misinformed.”  In regards to Hillary’s private server with classified information flowing in all directions- The lowest ranking military service member can identify classified information with or without markings and take proper action if it were not marked accordingly; Hillary Clinton could say she ‘didn’t know’  all day long about classification levels but I don’t believe her because she is supposed to be smart enough to understand the basics unless the Democrats will cede that a junior soldier is smarter than Hillary.  As for the server, had I operated such a server, I would be entombed under the Fort Leavenworth prison.  Even Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta, the man so retarded that he made his gmail password “password“ knew that Hillary’s server was illegal and refused to discuss some topics over her server.  To protect the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, Hillary Clinton’s server crimes needs to be reopened and Hillary, her aides, every FBI agent, and DOJ official who gave Hillary Clinton and her posse a pass to commit felonies should also face trial- part of Making America Great Again.  The collusion between Russia and Hillary should also be investigated. The Clinton Cash Foundation accepted about $150M from Russia and shortly thereafter, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved the sale of US Uranium Mines to Russia; this simply oozes of collusion if anything ever did.  Speaking of collusion, this brings us to Robert Mueller and the DNC-CPUSA ties-

Today we see these CPUSA-DNC Operatives such as Mueller and his loyal comrades & DNC donors openly conducting an apparent “soft coup” operation against you and our Republic.  If there is an FBI Agent remaining who is still loyal to his/her oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, they should be assigned to investigate Mueller and his comrades as without a doubt, any effort, even a passing effort to target the President of the United States in any manner can be considered sedition and possibly even treason; especially since we have already linked these people to the DNC and the DNC through its shared deeds and messaging has linked itself to the CPUSA.  The Clinton-Comey-Muller-DNC-CPUSA Collusion is thick like Russian soup; you can stir it with a spoon.

SUGGESTION– As a career psychological warfare soldier, I see what they are doing, and I see a need for an organized counter-organization to create twitter, Facebook, and television commercials to help educate Americans as to what is really happening to our nation, dispel the Fake News daily, to help Americans understand that they have been victimized by propaganda (Fake News), and to better align themselves with what is in the best interest of the United States of America rather than the Corporate and UN Globalists who are also known as the 1%.

As an American Patriot, I am at your service.


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