The U.S. Is A Republic, Not a Democracy

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The U.S. is a Republic, Not a Democracy.

Every time I turn around I hear Democrats like Hillary Clinton calling the US a Democracy and I wonder why would anyone run for public office without knowing what type of Government the US actually is.  Better yet, why would someone vote for someone this ignorant of our Government’s structure?   It doesn’t stop with Hillary, I hear the Liberal Media repeating the word “Democracy,” Democrats at large calling our country a “Democracy,” and of course the people who never paid attention in their Government and Civics classes also calling our great REPUBLIC a democracy.


  • In a Democracy, the majority rules, even at the expense of the minorities and our Constitution
  • In a Republic, the Constitution rules and protects all minorities despite of how abusive and bullying the majority may become

I would like to think that all Democrats and Republicans can agree that our country is, as it always has been, a Republic, and should never be called a Democracy.

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