Trump’s Brilliant Tweets

As I checked the news today, there were a plethora of news sites complaining about Trump’s Tweets (as usual) calling his tweets non-presidential.  From my perspective of a career psychological warfare soldier, I recognize Trump’s Tweets as nothing less than brilliant.

Why the Liberal Media is in the sack for UN Agenda 21 and Democrats who support UN Agenda 21 is another very complex story but the short of it is- Corporations will be wealthy under UN Agenda 21 and the Liberal Media is controlled by Corporations.  I’m willing to have this discussion with anyone interested but, back to this story and Trump’s Brilliant Tweets-

Obama actually said “My administration had no scandals.”  Obama said this while waving his hand like a Jedi Mind Trick and the media would simply agree despite Benghazi, Arming ISIS, Fast & Furious, Red Lines in Sand, Using DOJ to spy on and attack journalists, Open Sedition of the US Constitution, Mandating the US Flag be lowered to half staff for a druggy, Celebrating people guilty of white genocide, Instigating Race Relations Problems dividing America worse  than ever, Denigrating the Judeo-Christian values which made American the greatest nation on earth, his AG (Eric Holder) left under Contempt of Congress, and his next AG (Loretta Lynch) will probably be proven a criminal too, and the list goes on.  This same media which ignored Obama’s scandals and crimes dwells on Trump’s every Tweet as if each Tweet is the end of the world–OH MY GOD THE SKY IS FALLING AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN.  A year ago people were interested in some meaningless reality TV star and today those same Americans who previously knew nothing now know the name of Sean Spicer and various other Admin officials.  They know who the AG is.  They know who the VP is.  People are becoming better informed about our Government and all thanks to Trump’s Tweets BUT BUT BUT….

But the biggest and most important aspect of Trump’s Tweets is the truth.  Adolph Hitler’s book Mien Kampf explained his most important approach to psychological warfare which was the BIG LIE technique.  This technique, in Hitler’s book says:  “Tell a big lie, keep repeating the lie, eventually people will believe the lie.”  This is true, Obama would lie, the media would repeat his lies over and over, and many Americans believe Obama’s lies to this very date–these Americans have been programmed.  This technique works both ways- tell the truth, keep repeating the truth, eventually people will believe the truth.  Today Trump is telling the truth, he keeps repeating truth, and eventually people will believe the truth.  That truth is FAKE NEWS is dangerous to America.  CNN = Fake News.  ABC = Fake News.  CBS = Fake News.  NBC = Fake News, NYTimes = Fake News, MSNBC = FAKE NEWS.  We have heard it so many times we now know that CNN is FAKE NEWS and nothing more, it can’t be trusted and if the people in these FAKE NEWS organizations don’t like it, you have to sleep in the bed your made.  After four years of Trump, CNN will be a synonym for Fake News.

People are beginning to understand that these Media Sources are LIES and can’t be trusted.  These people may not understand why these media outlets are lying, but they understand that CNN = Fake News.  That is so important.  But a clue to why they are lying is $$$…  Many people believe that the 1% are bankers and the bankers are holding down the 99%.  Guess what, the corporations which control CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and others are the 1% telling lies to the 99% to CONTROL 99%, and the bankers are just pawns being used by that 1%–the bankers are just a target for the 99% to be distracted by as the real 1% manipulates.

Dear 99%, Trump is your friend; you may not like it, but that’s a fact–put all of the Liberal Media lies aside and you will recognize this to be true.

Dear Liberal Media, start reporting unbiased facts regardless of what your corporate masters dictate.  Even the 99% is beginning to see through you.  If you continue to lie for the advancement of someone else, your credibility will be lost for a decade or more.

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