Where We Went Wrong & Why We Deserve Trump

Chapter 2: Our Slipping Standards

At one time our leaders of the Democratic Party were the epitome of integrity and the very foundation in which ethical principles were developed.  We settled for nothing less than the best.

In 2016, the Republicans had 12 candidates running for office of the president and Trump became their nominee; it seems a large field serves to confuse people.   Back in 1976, the Democrats had 14 candidates running for office of the president.  Do we see the similarity?  Of course the nominee in 1976 became Jimmy Carter, the most bubbling excuse for a president we’ve ever had was elected and our standards caved from there on out.

With Carter giving back the Panama Canal and letting the Muslims in Iran and take over the U.S. Embassy and holding our Embassy staff of 52 diplomats hostage for 444 days, the Republicans won the next election with a landslide.  From thereon out,  Democrats began voting for historical first and lies rather than the character we once demanded in our candidates.

There was the historic first such as Bill Clinton, America’s first black President so they said back then.  Clinton’s win was actually based lies.  Clinton employed a person named Mark Penn as a pollster who discerned what Americans were actually concerned about.  With this information Clinton went on to lie telling every American what they wanted to hear.  This is also known as the “Big Lie” technique.  “Tell a lie, keep repeating the lie, eventually people will believe the lie” (Goebbels, 1925).  Clinton promised that taxes would only increase on persons making more than $200,000.00 per year but after he was elected the New York Times reported taxes were increasing on every family making more than $20,000.00 per year.  It seemed zeros were frequently misplaced to the detriment of the people and we reelected him.  We were lied to, we were harmed by the lies, and still we voted for him.

              What’s wrong with us?

After eight years of G.W. Bush, we were desperate for anything and along came Barack Obama promising “Hope and Change.”  It would be a historic first, America’s first half-black President and many of us voted for him because he was black.  Voting for someone because of their skin color or gender is positively the wrong rational and one of our Party’s greatest failures in the recent past.  President Obama would go on to break every campaign promise.  He would stop Government spying on the people, he would repel the Patriot Act, would create Universal Healthcare and passed it off as free healthcare for the poor with sad tear-jerking stories about his mother suffering breast cancer.  ALL LIES.

As I write this, a multitude of poor Americans who can’t afford healthcare insurance are now paying ObamaCareFines.  And still we exalt this liar as something great.  Under Obama the country’s credit rating has been reduced twice and he blamed Bush for all of his failures and we accepted this.  Of course, there was a new breed of Democrat on the scene, this new Democrat was a bully through and through.  If you said anything about Obama that was not glowing with adoration as if Mr. Obama were the Messiah as Barbara Walters would one day describe him, you would be denounced as a RACIST.  With this also came other hater-nouns this new breed of Democrat would subject everyone to in an effort to force people to defend themselves rather than address President Obama’s failures.  The word “RACIST” has been spewed about so frequently for anything and everything that the word has lost its meaning.

Chapter 3: Our Hypocrisy

The Democratic Party has become the Party of Hypocrites and we KNOW IT.  We must address this failing of ours and confront it head-on.

The Right sees our hypocrisy, why can’t we see it?

Gun Control Hypocrisy-

We use children as a psychological tool to demand more gun control.  We come up with catch phrases such as: “If it will save just one child’s life, we should consider stronger gun control.”  Then we turn around and demand greater access to abortion which kills 3,500,000 children before they are even born.   Can we expect the Right to believe the Left’s message on gun control when we speak out of both sides of our mouth on the topic of children’s lives?  The answer is a clear and simple ‘NO.’

We don’t even know why we want more gun control; it’s not for safety but we pretend it is.  We take a simple semiautomatic rifle and attempt to demonize it by calling it an “Assault Weapon.”  The Right retorts that a firearm cannot exhibit the human behavior of ‘assault’ and accuses the Left of dialog manipulation and they are correct in doing so.  These “Assault Weapons” we speak of kill fewer Americans each year than hammers and this is simply an FBI statistic which the Right defers to.

The 2nd Amendment reads:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The reason why the forefathers codified the 2nd Amendment into our Constitution is that they experienced an abusive and oppressive government; they called it “Tyrannical.”  Our first Democratic President, Thomas Jefferson said:  “Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.”  The purpose of the 2nd Amendment plain and simple is to ensure Americans can keep firearms, and if the people in our Government should ever become tyrannical, the people should pick up their rifles, form into militias, become disciplined (regulated), and dispose of those people in our Government who are tyrannical.  This concept is not anti-American Government but rather pro-American Government in every manner—the tyrannical people in our government will simply try to rebrand these pro-American Government militia as anti-government which is false—much like the abusive English crown called the American Patriots anti-government and traitor in the 1700s’, we should never forget the history of our greatest Democratic leaders or we will become what they fought against.  Every time we see our current day Democratic leaders reach for American guns, the Americans grip their guns tighter, they buy more guns and ammo, and they form into militias.  This has never been more true than under President Obama; an English TV station is now putting together a documentary on the American Militia Movement.

While Eric Holder was the Attorney General for President Obama, he said that we need “we to brainwash people to think about guns in a vastly different way” (Holder, 1995).  And this is what our Democratic leadership set out to do; brainwash us.  Is it really the job of our Government to brainwash us?  We now have a new illness in America called ‘Hoplophobia’ which is a mental illness characterized by the irrational fear of guns and fear of armed civilians.

If we are truly Democrats with a Democratic message, we should not be attacking the American Bill of Rights or the 2nd Amendment in an attempt to oppress American freedoms but rather come up with a Democratic solution to the violence in our country.  Given that hammers kill more Americans than assault weapons and Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people while wounding more than 800 others during an assault weapons ban, I would suggest that our efforts to demonize the 2nd Amendment and firearms is the wrong approach—A Democratic approach would be to stop people who want to kill and will kill with or without a gun.  I also suggest that this is directly tied to how we raise our children and the values we instill upon our children which is another topic to be addressed.

Republicans Have A War On Women Hypocrisy-

We watched and listened to Bill Clinton say this about the Republicans and yet we exalt Bill as a hero, even though he sodomized a young lady with a cigar.

          Why do we do that? 

         Are our standards that low?

As most of us understand, the “War on Women” tagline we use is about Republicans attempting to restrict abortion or said otherwise, control women’s healthcare.  However, if we stopped and looked at the history of this conflict, we may begin to understand where this Republican fight began and find a way of putting an end to it.  Not all of our Democratic Party history is pleasant, and this led to the conflict on abortion.

BACKGROUND leading up to the Abortion Conflict-

Historically, this abortion conflict has its roots firmly planted in slavery and most of know little to nothing about it; let us have a superficial understanding of the subject so we may come up with a Democratic solution to our impasse.  While the Democratic Party was created in 1828, the much young Republican Party was created in 1854 as an emancipation movement with one simple creed – That slavery is a violation of the rights of man.  Republicans fought to free the slaves and Democrats as a whole opposed freeing the slaves (yes times have changed).  It was the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln who was wrote the Emancipation Act—Today, many Democrats are so embarrassed by our history that we try to say Lincoln was a Democrat.  We should simply own our history and learn from it.  After the Civil War, the Republicans wrote the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments giving former slaves citizenship and voting rights.  The Democratic Party responded with a lot of propaganda calling the Republican Party the Party of the Negro and posted a variety of posters like the one seen below.

The KKK was formed out of former Confederate Soldiers which is why the KKK is found in the South.  The first gun control laws were established to prevent former slaves from owning guns and defending themselves from the KKK.  The response, the Republicans created the National Rifle Association (NRA) in 1871 to ensure free blacks could keep and bear arms; Democrats responded to the NRA with hate and disdain.

This racial conflict continued and eventually a woman named Margaret Sanger, who was aligned with the Democratic Party pronounced that blacks were “human weeds” among many other distasteful labels.  Sanger went on to form the organization called “Planned Parenthood.”  In doing so, Sanger ensured the majority of abortion clinics were in black neighborhoods.

While this was taking place in the black neighborhoods in the 1960, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which formed in 1824 under Democratic President Andrew Jackson, began conducting forced sterilization of Indian women (Johansen, 1998).

Republicans saw this as attempted genocide of black people and native Americans and the conflict on the topic of abortion was born.  We have to get past this-  Republicans have completely over reacted to the poor conduct of Democrats of a half century ago and longer, and our response that Republicans have a War on Women is a lie we need to dispose of; if for no other reason than proving we are the better party.

We need to find a Democratic solution.  I propose that this, like many other subjects we will address, will find a common-ground solution to this problem in how we raise our children.   If we raise our children with good American values which includes self-respect and respect for others, the subject of abortion will so minuscule, that it need not be addressed.

Chapter 4: Raising Our Children

Once upon a time we raised our children to have American Values which included individual responsibility, self-respect, and respect for others-

They grew up to become great leaders like John F. Kennedy (JFK) who defended our country in WWII as the commander of a PT Boat in the Pacific, nearly killed by the Japanese when his boat was destroyed out from under him, and he went on to become our President and defended us during a nuclear standoff with the Communists in Cuba.   JFK said: “Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.”

They grew up to become great leaders like John Glenn who was a U.S. Marine Corps WWII fighter pilot, one of the Mercury Seven Astronauts leading America into Space, and of course a Democratic Party Senator representing us in the Senate.  Glenn said: “I pray every day and think everybody should.”

Today, our children don’t think like that.  Today our children think about what kind of free stuff can they get and they want handouts from the Government.  They will vote for free college and point to countries like Norway where they offer free college not understanding the ramifications.  In countries where the college is free, only the people selected by the government will go to college and the course of study will be selected by the government based on the needs of the country and the abilities of the proposed student.  The college hopeful student may find him or herself in a welding or plumbing program rather than college because those are the country needs.

             Where did we go wrong?

We did it to ourselves.  This problem is squarely blamed on the ‘We the Democrats’ and let me tell you how—much like the war on women account, there is more to it.  Before 1979 we didn’t have a Department of Education.  The education of our children took place entirely at the state level with no federal influence and with this state based education system we put Americans on the Moon.  In 1979, Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education and since then we have become dumber and the Moon is out of reach.  The next thing Jimmy Carter did wrong was to put Government between the parents and the children.  Carter insisted it was child abuse to spank a child and with this, the newly developed career field of social workers finding employment in the school systems through a federal education program began reporting parents to the police for disciplining their children.

Parents at a loss for what to do with undisciplined children turned to the brand new mind-altering psychotropic drug Ritalin.   To call Ritalin and other psychotropic drugs “mind-altering” is a hard reality of the medication.  Today, all of our mass-murders in the U.S. were raised without the discipline which earlier generations had and with the Liberal use of mind-altering drugs.

What else happened with the newly developed Department of Education?  Gun Marksmanship was removed from our public education.  Before Jimmy Carter Liberalized our education system, students were taught gun safety and marksmanship in our schools.  They learned respect for guns, not fear.

The two below photos depicts a police officer giving a gun safety class and the second are girls having marksmanship training at school.  Taking gun safety and marksmanship out of our public education system has not been to the benefit of our country.

The other aspect of this federal encroachment into our children’s education was the removal of God from school the vilification of prayer.  When it comes to the Judeo-Christian values which made this the greatest nation on earth, why does the Democratic Party now insist total intolerance for Christianity in school?  This is a subject we will address further.

Through this federal education system, we moved to a program called “Common Core” which isn’t about ensuring exceptional children can advance but rather keeping all children common.   We are told that other countries are using the program and have higher grades in their schools.  It’s true that these other countries have higher grades, but with a common core, you are saddled with lower standards.   As smart Democrats, we should be quick to point out that these other countries have never put a person on the Moon.  However, there’s another reason why we moved to Common Core.  G.H. Bush signed the U.S. onto UN Agenda 21.  In Section III of UN Agenda 21, they discuss Common Teaching.

I believe we need a Democratic approach to raising our children, not a one-size-fits-all approach which the federal government has given us.  This Democratic approach is the same one Thomas Jefferson would have employed for his children.










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