Why Does The Government Lie To Us About Climate Change?

Climate Change is Natural - Climate Change is NOT Manmade


TRUTH– Climate Change is NATURAL

LIE– Climate Change is MAN-MADE

There’s a reason why people in the Government LIE to you about Climate Change.

TRUTH- Earth’s climate is 4.5 Billion years old and it has been changing this entire period of time; long before man-kind walked the earth.  I’m a REAL Scientist (Geologist) and we use the entire data range as see what it says–it says Climate Change is natural.  In fact humans have only been around for about 200,000 years.  FAKE Scientists (Climatologists) cherry pick 400,000 years of ice core data to prove that man-kind causes Climate Change–Only FAKE Scientists to this and only simple minds believe what FAKE Scientists say.  What controls our climate is our Sun.

Before I was a degreed scientist, I was a psychological warfare soldier in the Special Operations Command.  There’s a reason why the Government LIES to you and asserts that man-kind causes climate change.  If you are willing to believe this lie, you will accept more Government control over your life.

Why do you need to be controlled by the Government?

UN Agenda 21 is about creating a One-World Government also known as the One-World-Order where the political elite control the rest of us as they eliminate country borders.  Elitist George H. Bush signed us onto this UN Agenda in 1993.  In UN Agenda 21, the main rational for controlling us (fabricated or real) would be environmental causes – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agenda_21  They didn’t have an environmental cause to control the whole world so they fabricated one, Man-Made Climate Change.  By taking natural Climate Change and asserting that Man-Kind was causing the changes, they created the rational for further controlling us.  This is truly the 99% being controlled by the 1% and the 1% giving the 99% some type of feel-good rational (saving the world from climate change) for allowing the 1% to control us.

If you feel like you need to be controlled by the Government, go experience this Government control in China or the Middle East before you try to implement total Government control in the U.S.

As far as our Sun is concerned, our Sun is in the last 4.5B years of it’s life.  Our Sun will one day use all of its fuel and its radius will expand to the orbit of Mars, Earth will be incinerated in the process, and even that extreme bit of Climate Change will be natural too.

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