Why I Voted For Donald Trump

I was so sick of seeing Donald Trump attacked by Hateful-Abusive-Lying-Intolerant Liberal Bullies that I felt compelled to stand up for Trump–studies have shown that 93% of all Trump coverage was negative, lies,  and even hostile.  Trump wasn’t my first choice for President, but as a good American, I don’t accept Bullying.  Regrettably, many Americans still believe some of the lies Liberal Media repeated and repeated during the campaign.

         Who are these Bullies?

They are the Prating Hypocritical Liberals who call themselves ‘Loving and Tolerant’ who live a lie created by a Global entity.  These people don’t even understand they are living a lie and probably lack the capacity to finish reading this missive.

They are the media who openly sided with Hillary Clinton and refused to report on her crimes and misconduct leaving many American uninformed about the real Hillary Clinton.  They call themselves journalists but they are better described as propagandists who do the bidding of their corporate leadership.  These propagandists like Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Tom Llama, and Chris Cillizza to mention a few, don’t think and act for themselves, they are controlled by Wealthy Corporate Board Members whose wealth and power come from a Global economy and CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and the New York Times are the US mouthpieces of these Globalists.

          We see the Fake News, but what’s the source for the lies and deception?

The United Nations-  While Liberals are whining about non-existent Russian collusion, the UN is posing a REAL THREAT.   The UN created UN Agenda 21, this an Agenda for the 21st Century so they say.  George H. Bush signed the US onto this Global Agenda and every US President since, except President Trump, has supported this UN Agenda–this explains why Trump is treated exceptionally different by the media and the Globalists–Trump is not part of nor will he play with the “Establishment” and he was even willing to run for President as an independent and had the support to do so by people who see the real problem.  In the most simple words possible, UN Agenda 21 is about creating a Global One-Class Society controlled by the political and wealthy elite, or said more simplistic, a Global UN Government of wealthy and powerful people controlling the rest of us.  Does it surprise Democrats that George H. and George W. Bush would support this?  Does it surprise Republicans that Barack Obama and Bill Clinton would support this? No and No.  Whether you are a Republican or  Democrat, you should be concerned about UN Agenda 21 because it does not support the United States as a free and independent Republic which our forefathers fought to create.

To make UN Agenda 21 possible, there are a lot of things which must happen.

First and foremost, people must be willing to surrender their rights to one basic common Global Level for one Global Common Goal such as stopping Climate Change–this Global Goal will apply to us (the 99% or whatever you want to call us) and not to the Political and Wealthy Elite (1%) who fly on large private jets spewing pollution while expecting us to make sacrifices to protect the environment–they take $400,000 for speeches to Wall Street while talking about redistributing the wealth and income inequality–they build walls around their large private estates from Hollywood to Martha’s Vineyard but expect us to live with open borders and among criminals.   If you can see their hypocrisy,  you can see their lie, you will see the unpleasant truth.

To support UN Agenda 21, the UN created the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  Isn’t convenient how the UN hires people to create panels to support their own goals and objectives?  And they do it with out money. Their first scare tactics began in the 1970s claiming Global Cooling which didn’t happen, then in the 2000s they claimed Global Warming which didn’t happen.  Since they were Wrong and Wrong with Cooling and Warming, they coined the term “Climate Change.”  We can’t deny that the Climate is Changing.

I’m a Geologist (real scientist) and I understand that the Earth’s climate has been changing for 4.5 BILLION years.  Real scientists use the entire data range and accepts the results of the data–the data says that the earth’s climate has been cooling the entire time and Climate Change is NATURAL.  We can project this out and the earth will continue to cool until the Sun uses up its fuel and its orbit begins to expand; then things will get really hot.   Climatologists (fake scientists), who are funded by Globalists, cherry pick 420,000 years of ice core data to prove that Man-Kind is causing Climate Change. 420,000 years is only .009% of the available 4,500,000,000 years of data range real scientists use.  Can you pass a basic science class if you only used .009% of the data available to you?  NO. It’s even stupid to think you could but that is all the data that the US is using to BS you into believing in the Man-Made is causing Climate Change.    If you are willing to believe that Man-Kind is causing Climate Change, you are willing to accept the UN Governmental Controls over your life (restrictions and added expenses and taxes), you are WILLING TO BE A SLAVE to the Globalists.

          I voted for Donald Trump because-

  • Because I hate bullies and the Liberals who have taken over the Democratic Party are some of the most hateful-abusive-intolerant bullies we have ever seen
  • Because I’m American and I Love the US Constitution as written and I saw that Hillary Clinton was supported and endorsed by the CPUSA
  • Because I refuse to give up my freedom to empower the Globalists
  • Because I’m a career psychological warfare soldier and understand the propaganda Americans are being subjected to and I won’t fall prey to it like so many other Americans have
  • Because I’m a geologist and I see through the UN Climate Change Lie; it’s not about saving the environment, it’s about controlling us

So please, if you have something hateful to say to me for helping to
-Make American Great Again-
let’s hear it. 




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