Liberal Code Words and Their Real Meaning


Liberal Code Words and Their Real Meaning

I sometimes find people who don’t actually know the difference between a Liberal and a Conservative.  Vocabulary is one of many ways to tell the difference. 

INCOME INEQUALITY – This is a catch phrase used by Liberals to make poorer people feel victimized.   This approach isn’t new, it was initiated by Karl Marx  Where he would discuss SHARE THE WEALTH in his manifesto.  The Liberal solution to Income inequality is always two-fold:

  1.  Raise the taxes on wealthy people to give free stuff to the poorer people.  Theoretically, you can raise the taxes on wealthy people until EQUALITY is achieved—Everyone will be equally poor.  This doesn’t work- In Ayn Rand’s book “Atlas Shrugged,” The wealthy people, movers and shakers of society when over-taxed will simply quit then who will the Liberals tax?  The poor people revolute and then there are food riots as seen in Venezuela and Greece.  Or, as British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher famously said:  “Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples’ money.”
  2. Raise the minimum wage.  This sounds great to people making minimum wage.  The idea that they will receive $15.00 hour is awesome, but don’t realize that every time in American history that the minimum wage is raised, to cost of everything goes up commensurate with the raise is wages and the net effect is ZERO.  However, the Government gets to tax you more in a socialized society; in most socialist countries the tax rate is 50%.  This becomes a quiz for the people who want socialized pay rates-  If you earn $7.50 per hour, get a raise to $15.00 per hour, and then get taxed at 50%, what is your new pay rate?

A Conservative will believe that if you are poor, you can change your job, work harder, and in America you can be anything you want be, to include wealthy.

A Liberal will believe that if you are poor, someone else should buy you stuff.

In the Liberal dialog, nearly every meaning is turned around. 

TRANSPARENT has become blackout.  Obama pledged the most transparent administration in history and that was a lie.  He had high ranking officials like Hillary Clinton using a private server to avoid responding to the Freedom of Information Act; otherwise keeping Americans uninformed about their Government’s actions.

TOLERANT, Liberals are tolerant of everything which denigrates Christian and American values; otherwise they are hateful and intolerant.   The person who enters the country illegally is no longer a law breaker, but just an undocumented person.

AFFORDABLE CARE ACT is an incredible joke.  Most people can’t afford the “affordable care” and the taxes levied by the IRS which are called fines to make us feel better are making the poorer even poorer.  It began as “Universal Health Care” which Hillary Clinton tried to push in 1993 as then First Lady.   We began to call it HillaryCare.  Then in 2008, Obama stole Hillary’s idea, which was actually, Vladimir Lenin’s idea.  Vladimir Lenin declared that “Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state.”  Nonetheless, Obama was elected and with a Democrat controlled House and Senate, the Affordable Care Act AKA ObamaCare was launched.  Ronald Reagan warned us of ObamaCare in 1963 and it seems people thought they were going to get free healthcare 

Where the Liberal is incredibly easy to spot is when they talk about GUN CONTROL.  Gun Control is entirely about people control.  The Liberals will use every toy in they psychological warfare chest to exploit the program the American people into turning against the 2nd Amendment.  They will say we need more gun control if it will save just one child’s life—in the next breath they may proclaim their support for abortion proving it’s not about children.  The 2nd Amendment was codified by the founders for the purpose of ensuring Americans could pick up their rifles, form into militias, become organized and discipline for the purpose of removing tyrants from our Government.  Only tyrants reach for our guns because they understand the purpose of the 2nd Amendment.   They will attempt to create preconceived notions about guns through their vocabulary by calling a semi-auto rifle an ASSAULT WEAPON.  The thinking American understands that a rifle cannot exhibit the human behavior of assault, but the others will be led to believe that the rifle is all about assault.   Truth be told, more people are killed each year in the US by hammers than rifles and fire is the most common form of mass-murder.  The term HIGH CAPACITY is met to lead the person into believing that the magazine capacity is too much.  A 30 round magazine is simply a standard capacity magazine and a 200 round drum is simply a standard capacity drum.   

The Liberals, in their efforts to vilify firearms, have created a new problem in the US known as Hoplophobia which is a mental illness characterized by the irrational fear of guns and armed civilians. 

Liberals, you hear them coming.

The U.S. Is A Republic, Not a Democracy

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The U.S. is a Republic, Not a Democracy.

Every time I turn around I hear Democrats like Hillary Clinton calling the US a Democracy and I wonder why would anyone run for public office without knowing what type of Government the US actually is.  Better yet, why would someone vote for someone this ignorant of our Government’s structure?   It doesn’t stop with Hillary, I hear the Liberal Media repeating the word “Democracy,” Democrats at large calling our country a “Democracy,” and of course the people who never paid attention in their Government and Civics classes also calling our great REPUBLIC a democracy.


  • In a Democracy, the majority rules, even at the expense of the minorities and our Constitution
  • In a Republic, the Constitution rules and protects all minorities despite of how abusive and bullying the majority may become

I would like to think that all Democrats and Republicans can agree that our country is, as it always has been, a Republic, and should never be called a Democracy.

Why Does The Government Lie To Us About Climate Change?

Climate Change is Natural - Climate Change is NOT Manmade


TRUTH– Climate Change is NATURAL

LIE– Climate Change is MAN-MADE

There’s a reason why people in the Government LIE to you about Climate Change.

TRUTH- Earth’s climate is 4.5 Billion years old and it has been changing this entire period of time; long before man-kind walked the earth.  I’m a REAL Scientist (Geologist) and we use the entire data range as see what it says–it says Climate Change is natural.  In fact humans have only been around for about 200,000 years.  FAKE Scientists (Climatologists) cherry pick 400,000 years of ice core data to prove that man-kind causes Climate Change–Only FAKE Scientists to this and only simple minds believe what FAKE Scientists say.  What controls our climate is our Sun.

Before I was a degreed scientist, I was a psychological warfare soldier in the Special Operations Command.  There’s a reason why the Government LIES to you and asserts that man-kind causes climate change.  If you are willing to believe this lie, you will accept more Government control over your life.

Why do you need to be controlled by the Government?

UN Agenda 21 is about creating a One-World Government also known as the One-World-Order where the political elite control the rest of us as they eliminate country borders.  Elitist George H. Bush signed us onto this UN Agenda in 1993.  In UN Agenda 21, the main rational for controlling us (fabricated or real) would be environmental causes –  They didn’t have an environmental cause to control the whole world so they fabricated one, Man-Made Climate Change.  By taking natural Climate Change and asserting that Man-Kind was causing the changes, they created the rational for further controlling us.  This is truly the 99% being controlled by the 1% and the 1% giving the 99% some type of feel-good rational (saving the world from climate change) for allowing the 1% to control us.

If you feel like you need to be controlled by the Government, go experience this Government control in China or the Middle East before you try to implement total Government control in the U.S.

As far as our Sun is concerned, our Sun is in the last 4.5B years of it’s life.  Our Sun will one day use all of its fuel and its radius will expand to the orbit of Mars, Earth will be incinerated in the process, and even that extreme bit of Climate Change will be natural too.

Free College

Free College Isn't FreeFree College

It wasn’t that long ago that Democrats were promising FREE HEALTHCARE.  They initially called it “Universal Healthcare.” Then they named it “The Affordable Care Act” which was promptly labeled ObamaCare.  We now know how “Free” and “Affordable” that is.

Can you imagine how expensive Free College will be?

Those running on platforms of Democratic Socialism like Hillary Clinton or straight up Socialism like Bernie Sanders enticed younger voters with FREE COLLEGE!  They always use the word FREE.  But there are two things they never tell  you.

  1.  When the Government is paying for you to go to college, the Government chooses what your degree will be and it will be based on the greater needs of society and what your aptitude tests show you are most likely to be good at, not what you want to do.   Welcome to Socialism.  Do they tell this little detail to you when they ask for your vote?Another truth about socialized education, not everyone gets to go to college.  The needs of society and your aptitude may be that of a welder, pipefitter, plumber, mechanic, well field driller, miner; I’m not saying these are bad trades, in fact they are honorable fields of a country’s infrastructure.  What I am saying is:  Your dream of being earning a Liberal Arts degree in Women’s Studies won’t be available in a socialist education system and even if it were, there is a slim chance that you would be allowed to take the classes.  You begin to lose your freedoms when you vote for anything other than the Republic which the founders created.
  2. They say the education is FREE.  However, after you graduate, you will enter the workforce and while you don’t have to repay college loans, the payroll tax rate is 50% in socialist countries.   The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour.  These people running on socialist platforms who promise to give you free college, if you qualify, promise to raise your minimum wage to $15.00 per hour.  These socialists trust that you’re dumb enough to not understand that $15.00 per hour taxed 50% results in $7.50 per hour.  BTW, when you raise the minimum wage, the cost of everything goes up so you dollars doesn’t go as far.  The only winner in a federal minimum wage raise is the federal Government as they bring in more through taxes.  If you give up half of your pay for the rest of your life for free college today remember, you could have paid for college many times over, but you chose instead to make the Government elite wealthy.

3 Things Democrats Did Wrong & Why We Deserve Trump

Democrats are uninformed and misinformed by Fake and Comedy News

3 Things Democrats Did Wrong and Why We Deserve Donald Trump

There are substantially more than just 3, but we have to begin by putting a finger on something.

  1. We have allowed ourselves to become uninformed or misinformed by Comedy News, Fake News, and Biased News:
    • Comedians are not journalists and Comedy Central is not a news source; these are just the one-sided opinions of comedians.

    • Facebook and Twitter are full of Fake News and one-sided opinions, Social Media is not a news source.   Memes are mostly lies and we should never fall prey to lies.

    • CNN, ABC, CBS, MSN, MSNBC, The View, and NBC are just as biased left as Fox is biased right; we have to be smart enough to look at Fox News for 10 minutes if we’re going to look at CNN for 10 minutes—we can’t allow any one side to create the mindset for us—we must be informed.   Besides spending eight years hearing President Obama lambast Fox News, do we have a legitimate reason for fearing what Fox has to say?  Then why not hear both sides of the same story and make up our own mind?

  2.   The Democratic Party has lost its values:

    • The original Democratic Party understood that the US is a Republic which stands by the Constitution and defends everyone equally, even the minorities are defended equally.  The new Democratic Party keeps wrongfully calling the US a Democracy.  In a Democracy we can disregard the Constitution and the Rights of minorities in favor of the Democracy Majority Rule.  The United States is NOT a Democracy, it never has been.  The United States is a Republic, and we should never forget this.   When we understand the difference between a Democracy and a Republic, we understand that a Democracy could never represent American values, only a Republic can represent our American values.  We should reject any candidate who calls the US a Democracy as either dangerous or stupid.

    • The original Democratic Party understood that all men are created equal.  With this equal beginning we make our own successes or failures in life.  The new Democratic Party is about keeping people equal even if that means taking money from the successful people and giving that money to the unsuccessful people.  The new Democratic Party calls it “sharing the wealth,”  the Republicans call it “stealing.”  If FDR or JFK were alive today, they would call it stealing too.   What has happened to us?   “In the United States, we don’t have a problem with income inequality, we have a problem with effort inequality.”  ~The Author

    • We have marginalized our country in the name of Globalism and Multiculturalism.  Would it surprise you to know that Globalism was a Republican effort adopted by Elitists in the Democratic Party and Multiculturalism is a form of racism which creates and sustains segregation?  Globalism or sometimes known as the “New World Order” is spelled out in UN Agenda 21 which was signed by George H. Bush. Yes, a Bush is behind this.  UN Agenda 21’s ultimate goal is for a body of wealthy elite politicians to control all natural resources in the world and all the people will live as subordinates and servants of this new Government.  Section III of this Agenda spells out how the population will be taught to accept this New World Order through a new education system called Common Core and environmental emergencies will be the new rational for controlling us.  Why would we support this sick Bush elitist effort?  See the link in the references regarding Democrats Against UN Agenda 21.  Any candidate who supports “Global” this or that is a supporter of UN Agenda 21 and should be removed from our consideration as a candidate.   And of Multiculturalism- the effort of ensuring people retain their languages and cultures when immigrating to the US rather than assimilating into the American culture is racist.  This practice of retaining languages and cultures creates segregated pockets of people with reduced  opportunities for employment and progress, isolated to their little pockets in society with no hope of advancement or exploiting the possibilities in America.  We are racists for not forcing people to learn English and assimilate into our country which would allow them to excel and be anything they want.  But furthermore, we are supporters of UN Agenda 21 by keeping people separated, small in numbers, and inconsequential, we have no voice against this New World Order; we become the serfs.

  3. With lost values, we have lost leaders.

    • First and foremost, our leaders today don’t represent who they’re and what they’re about.  These so-called leaders simply say bad things about the Republicans in an effort of scaring us into voting against the Republicans.  Is that anyway to win a vote?  We should be told why we should vote for a candidate, not frightened into voting against someone else.   Then we have people in our party who vote for historical first.  Voting for the first black president or the first woman president.  We used to vote on substance and merit.  When did we become so shallow that we need historic first?  This leads us into the type of people we get when we vote like this-

    • Why do we vote for people who believe they are above the law?  Why do we vote for people who are the embodiment of the 1% which so many of us despise?  People with secret servers to avoid Freedom of Information Act requests.  People who lie to us and expect us to trust them.  People who operate on deceit and deception.

    • We nominated a person for the Office of the President of the United States who was endorsed by the CPUSA and that was OK with us?  What’s wrong with us?

    • We nominate people who say flag burning is protected by the 1st Amendment and then these same people attack the 2nd Amendment.  The forefathers codified the 2nd Amendment into the American Bill of Rights allowing Americans to pick up their rifles, form into militias, and become disciplined for the purpose of removing tyrannical people from our Government because these founders knew first-hand that the greatest threat to our 1st Amendment may be the people we elect.   These tyrannical people who want to oppress the 2nd Amendment will highlight every act of firearm violence in an act of psychological warfare against the American people to alter our attitudes and behaviors to be conducive to their way of thinking.  In reality, more people are killed in America each year by hammers, not rifles, just a fact in the FBI crime statistics. We don’t have a problem with gun violence in America.  The real problem is one we as Democrats don’t want  to talk about.  We have a problem with how we raise our children.  We have children being raised on Ritalin and other psychotropic drugs, without respect for American values, law, and fellow humans.  Something which you may be astounded by is, every American raised mass shooter we have had in United States was raised on Ritalin.  When a candidate want to make gun control the subject because of violence, rather than addressing the root cause being psychotropic drugs, we should remove that candidate from consideration.

    • We nominate people who denigrates the Inalienable Rights of the American Bill of Rights and the Judeo-Christian principles which founded this great nation.  If you’re an atheist, so be it, but the Constitutions of the original 13 Colonies expressly said these Colonies were founded to spread the Gospels of Jesus Christ, and the US Constitution was written by men who prayed on their knees to God for the wisdom necessary to write the document which protects our freedoms today.  You may not like these facts, but there is no reason for any of us to disrespect these facts.

When we look at who we nominated to represent us as Democrats in 2016, we have to accept the fact that we deserve Donald Trump.


And after eight years of Barack Obama getting the US credit rating downgraded and bowing to Muslims in the Middle East as if we are subservient, and apologizing around the world for America’s Exceptionalism, we NEED Donald Trump to Make America Great Again. 


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