Liberal Code Words and Their Real Meaning


Liberal Code Words and Their Real Meaning

I sometimes find people who don’t actually know the difference between a Liberal and a Conservative.  Vocabulary is one of many ways to tell the difference. 

INCOME INEQUALITY – This is a catch phrase used by Liberals to make poorer people feel victimized.   This approach isn’t new, it was initiated by Karl Marx  Where he would discuss SHARE THE WEALTH in his manifesto.  The Liberal solution to Income inequality is always two-fold:

  1.  Raise the taxes on wealthy people to give free stuff to the poorer people.  Theoretically, you can raise the taxes on wealthy people until EQUALITY is achieved—Everyone will be equally poor.  This doesn’t work- In Ayn Rand’s book “Atlas Shrugged,” The wealthy people, movers and shakers of society when over-taxed will simply quit then who will the Liberals tax?  The poor people revolute and then there are food riots as seen in Venezuela and Greece.  Or, as British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher famously said:  “Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples’ money.”
  2. Raise the minimum wage.  This sounds great to people making minimum wage.  The idea that they will receive $15.00 hour is awesome, but don’t realize that every time in American history that the minimum wage is raised, to cost of everything goes up commensurate with the raise is wages and the net effect is ZERO.  However, the Government gets to tax you more in a socialized society; in most socialist countries the tax rate is 50%.  This becomes a quiz for the people who want socialized pay rates-  If you earn $7.50 per hour, get a raise to $15.00 per hour, and then get taxed at 50%, what is your new pay rate?

A Conservative will believe that if you are poor, you can change your job, work harder, and in America you can be anything you want be, to include wealthy.

A Liberal will believe that if you are poor, someone else should buy you stuff.

In the Liberal dialog, nearly every meaning is turned around. 

TRANSPARENT has become blackout.  Obama pledged the most transparent administration in history and that was a lie.  He had high ranking officials like Hillary Clinton using a private server to avoid responding to the Freedom of Information Act; otherwise keeping Americans uninformed about their Government’s actions.

TOLERANT, Liberals are tolerant of everything which denigrates Christian and American values; otherwise they are hateful and intolerant.   The person who enters the country illegally is no longer a law breaker, but just an undocumented person.

AFFORDABLE CARE ACT is an incredible joke.  Most people can’t afford the “affordable care” and the taxes levied by the IRS which are called fines to make us feel better are making the poorer even poorer.  It began as “Universal Health Care” which Hillary Clinton tried to push in 1993 as then First Lady.   We began to call it HillaryCare.  Then in 2008, Obama stole Hillary’s idea, which was actually, Vladimir Lenin’s idea.  Vladimir Lenin declared that “Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state.”  Nonetheless, Obama was elected and with a Democrat controlled House and Senate, the Affordable Care Act AKA ObamaCare was launched.  Ronald Reagan warned us of ObamaCare in 1963 and it seems people thought they were going to get free healthcare 

Where the Liberal is incredibly easy to spot is when they talk about GUN CONTROL.  Gun Control is entirely about people control.  The Liberals will use every toy in they psychological warfare chest to exploit the program the American people into turning against the 2nd Amendment.  They will say we need more gun control if it will save just one child’s life—in the next breath they may proclaim their support for abortion proving it’s not about children.  The 2nd Amendment was codified by the founders for the purpose of ensuring Americans could pick up their rifles, form into militias, become organized and discipline for the purpose of removing tyrants from our Government.  Only tyrants reach for our guns because they understand the purpose of the 2nd Amendment.   They will attempt to create preconceived notions about guns through their vocabulary by calling a semi-auto rifle an ASSAULT WEAPON.  The thinking American understands that a rifle cannot exhibit the human behavior of assault, but the others will be led to believe that the rifle is all about assault.   Truth be told, more people are killed each year in the US by hammers than rifles and fire is the most common form of mass-murder.  The term HIGH CAPACITY is met to lead the person into believing that the magazine capacity is too much.  A 30 round magazine is simply a standard capacity magazine and a 200 round drum is simply a standard capacity drum.   

The Liberals, in their efforts to vilify firearms, have created a new problem in the US known as Hoplophobia which is a mental illness characterized by the irrational fear of guns and armed civilians. 

Liberals, you hear them coming.

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